Friday, 18 December 2015


Why do you think the ACLU has made your town take down all the Christmas decorations? Why can't you have angels and stars and Creche's ? Why does your school have to call the Christmas program the "Winter program"? Why can't we pray in school anymore or sing Silent Night? Why are they against all these things? Why are they afraid of all these things?

The answer is simple if you read Karl Marx's manifesto. If you want to change a society to Socialism you can't just cut off the head (change the economy) you have to change all the scaffolding underneath - you have to change the culture!! That's right - all those things that bring us together as a nation from Christmas Carols to Religion to the English Language must be changed. We now are told not to recognize our country as a Christian English Speaking Nation. We are "Multicultural" and"Bilingual". Women go into combat in the military. Our president won an election on "Changing America". Communism is not so bad- we have now recognized a repressive Communist regime right off our own shores- Cuba.

So, this Christmas hang on to your values and your traditions. From singing Christmas Carols (Even Rudolph) to writing in cursive to going to your church, to expecting immigrants to assimilate and speak English - let America ring out!! WE DO HAVE A CULTURE AND WE SPREAD OUR CULTURE AROUND THE WORLD- FROM BLUE JEANS TO HAMBURGERS TO MUSIC AND MOVIES TO THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE- WE ARE NOT ONLY A CULTURE WE ARE THE DOMINANT CULTURE IN THE WORLD. AIRLINE PILOTS AND SCIENTISTS AROUND THE WORLD MUST SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH.

The Marxist's think they can change our culture to Socialism by infiltrating our schools and social engineering our children. They think they can use the media to change you too. Don't fall for the propaganda. Charity begins at home- not with nonprofits that take government grants and pay their CEO's millions of dollars. The biggest scandal in this country is the corruption of the non profits. Charity is charity- it's what you give not what you take. Do your charity to your neighbor and your church and teach your children to do the same. Teach personal responsibility not victim hood . Teach the rugged individual attitudes and practice them yourself. A culture is a very hard thing to change. Our American culture is still very much in tact. On Sunday our churches are full.

They may teach Socialist lies at school but every single person- including the teacher- cling desperately to their house, their car and their paycheck. Capitalism and private property built this amazingly successful nation and it is nothing to be ashamed of at all. We have risen millions out of poverty and Socialism has put millions into poverty. Just think- WHY WOULD THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD BE UNDER ATTACK? WHY WOULD THE FAILED SYSTEM BE THE ONE WE ARE ASKED TO CHANGE TO? If you know the answer to that one I would like to hear from you, I've never been able to figure it out!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

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