Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Nikki Haley is so completely wrong!! I have never heard such a stupid and wrong Republican response to the State of The Union Address ! I would ask what she could possibly be thinking but I know - she's thinking what the country club Republicans told her to say!! Don't ride that horse Nikki- I see your career disappearing right before my eyes!!

The angry voices ARE being heard - I would ask," Don't you get it?" - but obviously you don't, you said so, have you looked at Trump's poll numbers lately? He speaks and America follows - why?- because he is RIGHT!!

Nikki- you are a young woman- younger than I - so maybe you can't remember who created this mess. Maybe you can't remember the sixties when the communist left took over the Democrat party. Maybe you've been immune to all the years of lies, agendas, manipulations and new vocabulary. But get this Nikki - IT WASN'T THE REPUBLICANS WHO DID THIS!! WAKE THE HELL UP!! The Republicans may have enabled like a weak woman enables a drunken husband - but they didn't start this, they didn't create this. EVERY BAD IDEA FROM FEDERAL CONTROL OF WELFARE AND SCHOOLS TO VISTA AND THE PEACE CORPS CAME FROM THE LEFT NIKKI.

The left killed Kennedy because he wasn't what they wanted- he wasn't liberal enough. They got their man Johnson in and he rammed through the Great Society. Then he wasn't liberal enough either and Gene McCarthy took over. Carter rammed through the department of education in 1977. Today we have a national curriculum called Common Core. Our children are being propagandized in their seats.

No, the Republicans are not responsible for the social rot and TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT - THE DEMOCRATS ARE. The Republicans are not responsible for open borders that are destroying our country - THAT WAS TED KENNEDY'S IMMIGRATION ACT (yes, he was a DEMOCRAT Nikki).

The angry American voices may save this nation but apparently not if it's up to you Nikki. You talk about how "we" must fix our schools. Who exactly are you referring to? It sounds collective. The Federal Government HAS NO ROLE IN EDUCATION - get it Nikki - NO ROLE - NO ROLE!!! Education may be doing well in some states and not in others - it's not a "we" situation. Then you talk about the 10th amendment. How can you respect the 10th amendment when you won't confine the Federal government to enumerated powers?!!! Yes, Nikki the American people are very angry and you don't get it. Get going or get out of the way because we're coming to get our country back- with or without you.

You talk about "letting everyone into our country" then say they have to be legal. Legal means not everyone gets in Nikki. Legal means we get to pick and choose who we want. We get to pick people who will actually help this country and are not a threat. We get to look out for our own self interests. As many people before me have said - you can't have a welfare state and then accept all comers - obviously this does not work- just look at our DEBT THAT IS DESTROYING OUR NATION!!

I didn't listen to Obama because I know he is a traitor- now Cuba has our Hell Fire Missile and Iran is stealing technology from 10 sailors they captured. We are in serious, very serious trouble. I listened to your speech because I thought there might be SOME LEADERSHIP TO RIGHT THE SHIP OF STATE AND GET THE COUNTRY BACK TO OUR CONSTITUTION!! BUT NO LUCK - YOUR WEAK MILK TOAST SPEECH ABETTED THE COMMUNIST LEFT AS MUCH AS IF YOU WERE FOR THEM - STILL THE ENABLER- NOT ABLE TO STAND UP AND SAY THE TRUTH AND 

I couldn't believe those idiots on the Fox panel- "your speech was eloquent" really Charles Krauthammer? Like these are the times that try men's souls- that kind of eloquent? Get real! I guess everyone needs their job. The speech was milk toast and couldn't stand up for anything- even putting the blame where it belonged! This kind of leadership will not save this country. Get on board or get lost. We will correct this mess without the establishment Republicans- we will defeat them too. They are only making our job harder.

I generally only watch the schools closely but I can tell you - the radical Communist Left has taken over our textbooks like any tinhorn dictatorship would do. Are we going to change our textbooks every time we elect a new president now? Or are we Cuba- the propaganda stays no matter who we elect because we are a communist country now? Those books are trying to change attitudes of the children who are our future- clear this mess out or be damned!! There's no time for establishment Republican pussy footing around.


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