Saturday, 13 February 2016


What is THE COMMON CORE? Some people believe, and some in this country are still trying to make you believe, that this is a set of standards for 21st centruy learning. Maybe, you are wise to this and know that it is a national curriculum. If you read my blog you know that curriculum is content. Our school textbooks and achievement tests are now aligned to THE COMMON CORE, thus THE COMMON CORE IS CONTENT, THE COMMON CORE IS A NATIONAL CURRICULUM.

It's great if you understand this, but unfortunately, THE COMMON CORE, is far more devious than even this. If you read these textbooks and understand this content coming from the COMMUNIST LEFT, you begin to understand what they mean by THE COMMON CORE. Think about it, WHAT IS YOUR COMMON CORE? WHAT ARE YOUR CORE BELIEFS? If you are an American they may go something like this- you believe in individual freedom. You believe in hardwork and personal responsibility to make you successful in life. You believe in fair play - justice under the law. You believe in unalienable rights from our Declaration of Independence- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You probably believe in our constitution that protects these rights.

Most people think THE COMMON CORE is core knowledge in math and reading. This is not so. THE COMMON CORE strives to CHANGE THE CORE BELIEFS OF OUR CHILDREN. IT STRIVES TO CHANGE THE CORE BELIEFS OF AMERICA. That is what THE COMMON CORE is all about.

What is the new COMMON CORE that these GLOBAL SOCIALISTS from the U.N.  and the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION want our children's CORE BELIEFS  changed to? The most profound statement that stood out to me was that our Supreme Court does not have to go by the written constitution to make their decisions. They use precedent, their COMMON SENSE, and WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE TIME!! This puts our whole constitution up for grabs. The Constitution has no meaning and no authority. Remember, the children are reading this in a textbook. They will believe it is the truth. My husband thinks these propaganda artists will never reach their goal but I'm not so sure. Some high school teachers report that it is harder and harder to teach the truth to children about global warming or any other lefty hoax.

The new COMMON CORE would have the children believe that they live in a Nation State which is no better than any other. It would have them believe that they are responsible to and for the WORLD. They drink too much water and use too many resources and they need to share with the 3rd world countries. It would have them beilieve if they are willing to give up "just a little bit of power" they can be a supranational  Nation State like the Nation States in the European Union and this is so advantageous for everyone. They are no longer an individual, they are part of a COMMUNITY  and everyone in the COMMUNITY is responsible to find consensus and work together. They are all responsible for each other - so there really is no PRIVATE PROPERTY. Of course, this consensus is directed from the central government. A good citizen will not dispute what they are told. If the central government says there is global warming for example, a good citizen will accept this.

This is THE NEW COMMON CORE. Religion is not in the common square, it is to be hushed up, kept quiet. The government decides how things will be, not religion. These lefty atheists think they know more than God!! Your families beliefs are O.K. only so long as they go along with the central government's ideas. If not, they are wrong and children should not listen to them.

National sports like football are not good. Football is violent and causes concussions. What the NEW COMMON CORE really hates about football is that it idolizes the OLD COMMON CORE BELIEFS OF COMPETITION AND THE RUGGED INDIVIDUAL.

The people who have done this think they are very clever and much smarter than you. The entire Federal Department of Education needs to be gotten rid of. Hllary Clinton will tell you "We have come so far , we can't go back!". We can't get a Republican elected because they might take us back to freedom and the Constitution!

America has had great success looking to our creator to guide us. It has had great success under the Constitution that our forefathers left us with. Now we have social rot and massive debt that threatens our whole economy. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE NEW COMMON CORE. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT SMARTER THAN GOD. Some things change and some things are unalienable, they are right forever. STAND UP AMERICA AND TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!

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