Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I was at the School Board meeting tonight, August 9th, and I felt like I lived in a foreign country, one with no common sense, no understanding of fiscal realities, and no vision.

Programs and grants just seem to piggy back on one another and the net is seamless at the same time taking in every organization in town they can subdue. The new teachers will have their barbecue at Exploration Works and then take the tour train all over town stopping at all the places they connect with like Grand Street Theater, The Historical Society, the Capital Building and so on. The train ride will be paid for by the Chamber of Commerce. So don't try to criticize the schools, they've got everything in town professionally locked up. I wonder if they figured out this public relations maneuvering themselves? Or do you think they got professional advice from the Federal Government? I'll bet every town in America is the same- so you figure it out.

We got the food report tonight. The man presenting his business was so excited! He's increased breakfasts by 58,000 now that Bryant has breakfast during class. Everything is just so much more convenient that way- who would even consider time lost to instruction? Now that everyone at Bryant gets lunch irregardless of income he's increased lunches by 106,000! And now they get money for free snacks too! Business is booming! Who cares if the country is going broke! They feed 200 kids a day at the park in the summer too. Whoever knew we had so many starving children? You'd think we'd just see them passing out on the street. You don't think free things just sort of draw a crowd do you? And who cares if your teaching kids that food comes from the government and they grow up without initiative to care for themselves? Who cares if the government is going broke and these kids are going to be sorely disappointed when they grow up and find out this fairy tale isn't true?

On to more firms. Apparently they not only have firms to make sure you get every federal initiative planned at your schools, but they  also have hiring firms. It turns out this School Board can't do anything at all by themselves.They are hiring a firm to help them hire a new superintendent! The budget was presented and line itemed out so neatly- even had postage and internet and phone costs- but oops- no amount for hiring of firms. That just comes out of the building contingency fund and the boards spending money, as I was told when I asked. Turns out we may never know the costs of all these things.

And so on it goes. Parents look to have your 5th graders coming home knowing what anal, oral and vaginal sex are this year. It's in the new health curriculum on page 61 if you want to check it out on the school district web site. These caring people who pretend to have a vision for the future, think that schools used to be the hub of the society. Their vision for the future is of a past that never was. I believe the family is the hub of society, but then they can't control families and no one would get paid!

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