Tuesday, 11 September 2012


What do corporations do? They make money. Our brethren on the left hate corporations because they MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY- THEY SHOULD SHARE IT. What do non-profit corporations do? They make money. How do corporations make money? They grow their business. How do non-profit corporations make their money? They grow their business. There are a few differences though. For profit companies have to invest their own money- non-profit corporations spend your money. For profit corporations PAY TAXES. Non-profit corporations DO NOT PAY TAXES.

Perhaps there is someone reading this that is naive enough to think that non-profit corporations do not want to grow their business. I remember when habitat for humanity was a little volunteer organization to help elderly people repair their homes,now they compete unfairly with the construction industry so much in California that there have been articles about the corruption. I remember when Head Start was an early childhood program for the poor. Now your income can be four hundred percent over poverty- who knows how much that is- but it's a lot since poverty is over twenty thousand a year. Head Start in Helena has grown from one small school to serving 336 children in Helena, and they want to serve more. Their mission is BIRTH to eight years old!! They have moved into our public schools and they are not paying rent. That means that the tax payers are footing the bill, probably without their knowledge, and without the rule of law. Monies legislated for K-12 education, monies from families property taxes and state income taxes, are now going to the non-profit corporation Head Start.Some non-profit corporations are now trying to find a home in our school district budgets so they don't have to depend on grants. It will be so convenient just to be permanently into the school district budget and get an income stream from the unwary tax payers.

Here's the kicker," BUT NON-PROFITS HELP PEOPLE!!" Gee- do drug companies help people- maybe save lives and relieve pain? Do oil companies allow you to drive your car- maybe opened the world to people to travel and get where they need to go? Does the construction industry build homes that keep us warm in the winter and give us a place to sleep and raise our families? I could go on all day about this, but you get the idea- for profit companies give us jobs, built the nation, and have brought us every modern convenience and life saving mechanism out there. Has government contributed to research? Sure, but they didn't build anything. The point is, non-profit corporations may help people ,but so do for profit corporations that pay taxes.

"But non-profit corporations don't make a profit!" Sure they do- it's called SALARY AND BENEFITS!! Many non-profit CEO's make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Their lobbyists in washington line up at the trough to keep this money pot going.Though not all non-profits are bad, and many do helpful things, the whole system has become corrupted to the point that, in many cases, they are doing more harm than good.

How are they doing harm? Where shall I start? How about truth in advertising? Do you really think 350,000 kids in Chicago were going to starve because the teachers went on strike and the schools were closed? It was on the news- they HAD to serve breakfast and lunch at the schools even though there was NO SCHOOL because otherwise the children would STARVE!! This is nonsense- not true. There is WELFARE, there is FOOD STAMPS, there is FOOD SHARE. Kids aren't starving, but the non-profit food service corporation was going to continue to make money even if the teachers were on strike.Food service in school is another non-profit corporation that started with just lunch for the poor and now serves kids of all incomes and serves breakfast,lunch, snacks, and in some cases dinner! They've started summer programs now too.For profit companies advertise- and they may fudge the truth a bit- but they do not become politically corrupt incestuous lies that destroy the public dialogue,culture and character.

How about the cost? Our Helena Superintendent told me that though he really didn't know exactly what one of the non-profit corporations in our schools did entirely- Youth Connections- they were"passionate about meeting the needs of children". I informed him that we all have needs. Yes, taxpayers that are old and living on a fixed income and want to stay in their homes have needs. Young families trying to pay their bills and having to deal with a mortgage that goes up all the time have needs. Maybe families can't meet the needs of their own children because of the exorbitant multiple taxes they have to pay. What about their needs? Do their needs count? What about the countries debt and national security? Can a nation SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT DEFEND ITSELF IF IT WAS ATTACKED? WHAT HAPPENS IF CHINA WON'T LEND US ANY MORE MONEY? Liberals think that conservatives have their heads in the sand and don't care about people's problems, I think the liberals have THEIR heads in the sand and don't care about the nation- which is the future for all of us and perhaps the world.

For profit businesses continually come up with needs to fill- that new product or service that will sell. If they are right, their investment and risk pays off, if not, they go out of business and lose money. In the non-profit world they make up needs and propagandize the public to build their own "wedge product". It's rather easy- Who's against helping "mentally ill" children? Who's against helping children with "autism". Who doesn't want to feed the poor? And so on it goes.I know the new non-profit that will push it's way into our schools very shortly here - they start with advertising - did you know we have a suicide problem?Yes- the world is full of problems and these non-profits encourage more problems for their own self interest. THAT'S THE TRUTH.And they get to stay in business because they NEVER SOLVE A PROBLEM!

A once proud nation that loved itself and believed in itself has become humbled and afraid. A nation that had a big heart succumbed to the rhetoric of the left until they didn't even believe in their own rugged individualism any more- that they could take care of themselves and their families. Their schools have been taken over by non-profits that are now more important than the TEACHERS!!When I taught teachers wanting to teach took a back seat to non-profit programs of all stripes. The teacher who was once the Queen or King of the classroom has been humbled to all the programs and education has suffered as that spirit and pride has died.

Something much worse even than this has happened though. Our freedom has slipped away. Washington runs everything now, schools, cities,counties, states. families, individuals.People are bowed to the Federal Government whomever they are and where ever they are. The only thing that will change this is to discontinue the federal grants, let people and families once again solve some of their own problems,let the employees of the non-profit corporations find real work in the private sector, and let this nation begin the long journey of starting to balance the federal budget, begin to pay back all this debt to China,and begin to be a proud and strong nation once again.


  1. Our local Relay For Life was so proud of the $75,000 they raised last year. Many, many people worked hard and local businesses contributed generously.

    When I pointed out (publicly) that their president was paid $2.3 million that year, and ten other top execs made over $600k each, and that the local bunch would only have to shake down the local businesses for 30 more annual fundraisers to pay for this year's salary for their president, they were pissed! How dare I question their motives and altruism?