Tuesday, 18 September 2012


"Government is the great fiction,through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."- Frederic Bastiat

What drives your vote? Or put another way- how do you choose whom to vote for?You may not believe this if you are young- but we used to vote for the person we thought would be the best leader for our country. It wasn't about our economic interests. It wasn't about who would bring home the bacon for our district or if we could keep the grants rolling in. The above quote was from a Frenchman who lived in the 1800's.His France had become a socialist cesspool, and now, America has joined.Is this what you want our country to be? We are on the path to ruin.When the money is gone- and we are just about there- what will be left is the control. You can think about "social justice" as the "good of all" that the soviets set up in the soviet block countries. It doesn't end pretty.When we walk into a casino we are hoping someone else will lose and we will WIN- is the government a basket of goodies to be handed out, and are we all just hoping to "get ours"? Every time I go to a city council meeting the people in line pleading for their money make my stomach turn.Is this what government is about-handing out money?!!! Our leftist friends have turned our once great nation that was handed down to us from our forefathers into a casino.

In order to vote in your nations best interests you would need to know what those were, and you would need to love what those were. Is Common Core going to teach our children to love their country? Will they be taught why this country is great and worth saving? Worth fighting for? Will they give a rip about anything besides the lies from the environmental movement (which will be taught to them as truth), the civil rights movement, and "social justice" i.e. "the good of all". Will the children even have the knowledge and understandings to know they are being used and lied to?

Common Core is supposedly going to teach "deeper meaning" and "analytic thinking skills". Here's one of the MANY problems with that- these children are being taught they can perform "deeply analytic cognitive thinking skills" without reading the whole text and without knowledge! As I've discussed on this blog before, and as every teacher who will admit it knows ( as well as anyone with common sense) young children are not in a cognitive place ( think brain maturity) to do higher level deeply analytic cognitive thinking.Some students in high school can ask some good questions- even small children can ask a good question- but they are not in a place to do higher level deeply analytic critical thinking- especially about things they have not read or studied in depth.These students are being set up to think they have deep understandings that they do not have. They are being set up to be propagandized and used.Foundational learning comes first, then maturity, then research and in depth reading, then analytic thinking.What will the future of America be with individuals who don't know anything and have no loyalties to our country as it was founded, but think they are cognitive deep thinking analytic thinkers?

Perhaps these individuals, who are self centered and over indulged,will grow up thinking they know everything and buying into every new propaganda item out there, while having no foundational principles, and voting as if they were in a casino- what's in it for me?

The new Common Core standards have no scope and sequence ( the plan we supposedly didn't have when the Federal Government took over our schools). So, as one great science teacher from our school district put it, the students will learn a little of this and a little of that ( he told me that, and then hung up and retired in disgust.)High school students will learn 70% non-fictional material in English class. That leaves out learning fictional literature in an historical sequence.What will this non-fictional material be? Martin Luther's LETTER FROM BIRMINGHAM JAIL, without the historical facts and framework to make sense of it,Lincoln's THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS, without having studied the civil war,slavery,the new republican party and all the deep historical background to this address,and "perhaps" one of the Federalist Papers- again without having the rigorous historical background and understanding of our founding fathers to know what this is about.Since they are not taught in any historical sequence there will be no foundation or connection that makes any sense.

Young children will be taught grammar without a scope and sequence. Scope and sequence are important because foundational knowledge builds on itself, and each new step allows the student to connect with what he learned before. For example, a student should first learn what a good sentence is before learning how to construct and punctuate a compound sentence.A student should know how to write a sentence before writing a paragraph and so on.Common Core learning is just like the casino, roll the dice and see what you get. No connection, no purpose, no meaning,no organization, just a little of this and a little of that. Make up your values as you go along.

I remember when Princess Di hit the news in the early eighties. I had small children and wasn't involved much but she sure seemed like an airhead to me. I recognized the European model of giggling girls that weren't expected to do much but get married. Not all Europeans are like that, but they obviously had a system that sent some on to higher learning and others to languish in the world of giggles and People Magazine.America was never like that. Everyone was educated fully and was expected to have opinions and to make sense with them.You didn't have to go to college- you were taught American History in high school. I'm afraid that in this new Common Core world with Career Pathways, the days of Americans really knowing things, is going away, and the voting world of the CASINO- WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? will be our new future.Common Core is the European- Chinese model- and just think what the government of China is.

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