Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We all know what a gambling addiction is. The person just keeps playing thinking that THIS TIME they will be a winner!! I've been involved in education my whole life and what I have seen from the socialist left takeover of our schools is TOTAL FAILURE, but they won't give up. The Socialists have been trying to improve our schools with their socialist vision long before they got their Federal Department of Education in 1979. Our schools which were improving steadily in the fifties and sixties HAVE SHOWN NO IMPROVEMENT IN ACADEMIC SCORES SINCE THE SEVENTIES.Total failure.You mean Head Start doesn't work? EXACTLY. You mean we've spent billions of dollars from the federal government and it didn't improve our schools?!! EXACTLY.Now the people who can't run schools want to run lives.The school lunch program was going to improve schools. The Head Start program was going to improve schools. Goals 2000 was going to improve schools. Full day kindergarten and after school programs was going to improve schools. All of this has been a total failure and now they have a new idea with even more socialism!

The new idea is COMMUNITY CENTERS. These are already operating in places like South Park, Pennsylvania. Schools are kept open from 3:30 to 5:30, or later, students receive help with their homework and "dinner is provided". Why go home? Just bring in a cot and they're good for tomorrow.The South Park school has received an award as a "National Champion"! Socialists are so good at giving awards to themselves!Whatever happened to the idea that families that eat dinner together keep kids off drugs, as the old ads used to say?

The socialists that have destroyed our culture and our schools, now want to double down. They can't run a school but now they want to run everyone's family. They want to add meals and mental health care to their bag of failures. The country is broke but these people think they can continue on like this. Just get "entitlement" spending under control and all will be solved! NO, it's not just entitlement spending. It's socialists that want to run families.If you eliminated the whole department of education no one would miss it except the people that work there- that would save us billions! Public schools might have a chance to succeed if our socialist friends and their FEDERAL BENEFACTORS would be given their pink slip.

The socialists see the federal cuts coming so they are trying to find a place to hide in your local school budgets.BE AWARE AND DON'T LET THEM IN. Local communities can not afford to be the family for everyone (even if that possibly could work) any more than the Federal Government can afford this largesse. The only way to stop the gambling addiction is to remove the person from the machine and take the money away. Remove these addicted socialists from our schools and let parents, families, and educators begin the long recovery process of restoring our schools to effectiveness that we had before these addicted people took over.

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