Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I had a very good day on Sunday when I read Governor Romney's position on education in the Daily Caller. The article related that Governor Romney actually thinks schools are a STATE issue!! Finally someone who has read our Constitution!! It gets better- he will more than likely be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Governor Romney's position sounded like he had read my post "PLEASE RELEASE US LET US GO!" He is AGAINST FEDERALIZED COMMON CORE STANDARDS AND TESTS!! If states want it they will have to FUND it themselves. He said "TO FINANCIALLY REWARD STATES BASED UPON ACCEPTING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS IDEA OF A CURRICULUM , I THINK IS A MISTAKE. AND THE REASON I SAY THAT IS THAT THERE MAY BE A TIME WHEN THE GOVERNMENT HAS AN AGENDA THAT IT WANTS TO PROMOTE." You think??!! Has Governor Romney heard of preparing global citizens for global governance?? I would guess he has- but in any event- the GOOD NEWS- is that he is not supporting Common Core!

The Daily Caller also reports that Romney minced no words when asked about Federal aid to help the 46 Common Core states pay the costs of implementation ( which is estimated to be upwards of SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS!!)He said " They're on their own because education is a state responsibility -and besides, Washington already is SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS in the red and counting."

Governor Romney is for having the money follow the child- what a novel idea- just like in my blog "PLEASE RELEASE US LET US GO!". School choice seems to be the NEW IDEA for America! This is GOOD NEWS!! Now let's see if he follows through or if the subversive left undermines him and is successful in changing his views. They've been so successful at this before- but maybe these times they are a changing and the Socialists won't have the power they have had over previous administrations- maybe- just maybe- we'll be able to thwart their propaganda machine. I'll keep blogging- maybe this GOOD NEWS will be the beginning of LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL in Education- maybe America will take its' place as NUMBER ONE in education in the world-as it has been NUMBER ONE because of its' military might and economy.There's a reason why the whole world is speaking English.

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  1. I receive about six pleas every day from my friend Barack (we're on a first name basis you know). He wants $5. Six times a day.

    Anyway, yesterday, he said he needs $5 so he can keep our country #1.

    Thanks for reporting that the other candidate actually gets it. It's encouraging.

    One more thinking point: if Common Core is supposed to prepare students for careers, how come there is NOT ONE MENTION ANYWHERE ABOUT TEACHING ECONOMICS?