Saturday, 27 October 2012


It is said that you should never swim up to someone who is drowning because they will pull you down with them and you will both drown. Watch out for the Liberals as they are drowning and thrashing,specifically, watch out for COMMON CORE STANDARDS.

I could have entitled this blog- COMMON CORE LIES.Here are just a few of the bloopers.Did you know this is a "states initiative"? Yes indeed," Why would you suspect the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WANTS TO CONTROL YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION?!!!" Give me a break,the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT thought of this whole mess.Not only did they put the Governor's Associations up to this, they offered MONEY and WAIVERS to get school districts to do it!! They are also FUNDING THE TESTS!!NO ONE is this stupid- the Liberals have been pushing for a national curriculum for at least 50 years- now they want us to believe they are hands off!! They are funding the Smarter Balanced tests for Common Core curriculum despite statutes forbidding the feds from determining curriculum. You see, when the Liberals got their department of Education in 1979 they PROMISED(wink, wink and double fingers crossed behind their backs) that they would NEVER write school curriculum, oh no, this was a states rights issue. So it was put into the law, that under no circumstances would the Federal Government write curriculum.Oh, now what are you thinking? Are you thinking that these power mongers have broken their promise and are lying about it? WELL, YOU ARE RIGHT!!It makes me almost pukishly sick to watch the lies and the dance, as all their mouth pieces rush out to say what they are told to say, "The Federal Government is not involved in this!"

Try to get one of these mouth pieces to explain "higher level thinking skills." The most I can get from them is that the kids are going to determine what the author is thinking . You call that author's point of view and it is certainly not a new reading skill!! Another Common Core lie is that they would never PROPAGANDIZE your children. Oh no!! That would NEVER be their intent. Why haven't I found one piece of curriculum or test question yet that was not full of political agendas?? The latest lesson was on baseball in an internment camp!!

Another big Common Core lie is that this program has been researched and had trials. Get someone to tell you when and where and how it came out. I certainly haven't found any. President Obama even said his Common Core curriculum was implemented and doing very well in many places- how would he know that when the tests won't even be completed until 2014??!!

The Liberals' idea that Government can solve all problems is a total failure,and as they flail and lie, they are drowning with bad ideas and 16 trillion dollars in national debt (going up 2 billion dollars a day!!).Don't go up to these drowning Americans just throw them a life preserver called Mitt Romney and save America with the ideas that built this country from the beginning.We need to throw out the Liberals and THROW OUT THEIR IDEAS- they want to get into your charter,private and home schools by controlling the tests too- don't let them. Our wonderful patriots in Indiana are fighting hard and holding these people accountable. Don't let these drowning Liberals take YOUR state's schools with them as they go down either!!Montana needs to fight too- let the trials go on in Massachusetts and California- if they succeed ( which they will not) there's always time to join-in the mean time Montana can save its' schools, its' children's education and FORTY MILLION DOLLARS- by letting the other states and their mouth pieces drown in this mess.

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  1. You nailed it - it is telling that states can get a waiver to exempt them from "No Child Left Behind". They are riding the anti-Bush wave, thinking anything without GW's name attached to it has to be better. Bend over, America!