Thursday, 11 October 2012


Socialism in school is crashing and burning as it reaches its' most radical edge. I went to a presentation by our curriculum director Teresa Burson on Monday. This was a presentation for teachers, the students were at home not having any instruction at all. The school district will do this for THREE MORE DAYS this year.Apparently it's only important to be in school if a school nurse keeps you there- at the board meeting Tuesday night the school nurses were presenting to get their numbers up and the reason we need more nurses?- " It's important for children to stay in school with their teacher and school nurses can keep kids from being sent home" OH- I thought instruction time just wasn't so important anymore what with FOUR DAYS off of school for teacher meetings EVERY YEAR, and all the other programs that so blithely take students out of class. BUT- back to Teresa. She had some very interesting news about the TESTS that your students will have to complete while only getting part of their education.

You won't believe this one- but it is true-right from the horses mouth as they say.She gave an example of ONE QUESTION from the Common Core tests, don't confuse this with the test, it is ONE of the questions-it will take at least ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY MINUTES to complete!!This is a woman with a masters and she said SHE was overwhelmed with this question! The students will have to read a three page question about a woman who does conservation measures to bring her heating bill down and then finds out that her bill doesn't go down.The students will figure out why her bill didn't go down by doing calculations with given data and then MAKE A PAMPHLET FOR AN ENERGY COMPANY AS AN ADVERTISEMENT EXPLAINING THEIR ANSWER!! Do you think the people that are making these tests, or wrote this curriculum, have traveled throughout the United States to see what children are doing in our schools? How do you think kids in inner cities who don't even have command of the english language will do with this test question? WHAT IS GOING ON?!! I believe the individual who said we are watching the destruction of two hundred years of public education in America is correct.

But why did I say Socialism in school is crashing? Well,for the first one hundred and fifty years or so of public education in America, schools were locally controlled (think the "little red school house").Teachers taught the basic math, reading, spelling and civics and the school board oversaw the process. Gradually, over time, new subjects like music and P.E. and library were added. New teaching techniques and ideas came into being and curriculum companies developed. Then the socialists, starting with John Dewey who thought there shouldn't be anything taught without a social agenda, began to get their claws into the schools. The Federal department of education was a result of that effort. Today, the socialists run our schools, even talk politics like green agendas and voting for Obama, IN SCHOOL.But, as I mentioned and demonstrated above, they are reaching their radical edge, they are crashing and burning.Public schools did well under local control, but today we will have to think of other answers like vouchers or charter schools, because Common Core will not work and our schools have been usurped to the extent of insanity. Let me give you some more examples of Socialist extremism in school.

I was at a cross country meet yesterday. A beautiful fall day and all the parents were enjoying the meet on the green grass of the golf course when students began coming up and asking for MONEY. These students were being used to collect money for a non-profit and their parents were being solicited at a school event.Many non-profits use school children for advertising or collections now IN SCHOOL.I don't think children should have to leave school to work for Food Share. I think charity is a family affair and should never be forced on anyone- certainly not by a government institution that is BEING PAID TO TEACH CHILDREN TO READ.I think this is socialist extremism,but if you don't, here's another example.

I tried to enlighten a school board trustee at the school board retreat about sending home bags of food from Food Share. I told her that parents are reporting to me that their children are coming home with food that they neither need nor want.One mother asked her six year old why she had this food that they did not need.Her child told her that the teacher was picking a different child each week to take the food home.I told the trustee how I remember as a teacher having to find students that needed coats. It was embarrassing. None of the kids needed coats. I went out to the coat rack and tried to find the oldest one. This is socialist extremism- looking for problems that are not there. This is at Bryant school- a Title one school(federally identified as a poverty school). I taught at Bryant for nine years- these children are not starving - just try to get them to finish their lunch!! The response from the trustee was shocking- she held up her hand against me as if fending off an attack and then informed me that I was threatening Marcia Wall's job in her non-profit called Stuff The Bus!! This is a non-profit that provides school supplies- I was confused. What do school supplies have to do with sacks of free food from Food Share? They are both non-profits. Maybe she felt not supporting the idea that children are all in desperate need of financial help to survive would burst the propaganda bubble and threaten ALL non-profits. She went on to tell me that her son knew kids whose parents did drugs and neglected them so they needed the food. SERIOUSLY? A school board trustee who thinks a bag of food is the answer to parental neglect? Not hardly- she should be calling social services immediately.The mind set is mind numbing. If you're still not convinced that socialism in school is crashing and burning I have more for you.

The socialists are now at the extreme of wanting schools to be regional community centers that are open until 8:30 at night and provide dinner as well as homework assistance- schools that take over the role of the family. The stated goal of their early childhood program is to receive children AT BIRTH.They are reaching extremes for the money but also because THEIR PROGRAMS HAVE NEVER WORKED!! Think of the war on poverty in 1965- that's 47 years ago - did it work?

What the attempt to turn America European socialist has done is to make us like them- culturally, morally,and fiscally bankrupt. A once great nation has lost its' way. The socialists are crashing and burning- let's stop them from taking our schools and our kids with them.

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