Friday, 3 May 2013


I just did the thing I should never do- I read a blog by a man named Don Pogreba. Don is against our American Constitution- but much worse- he is a school teacher!! I would hope he is not teaching his anti- Americanism to his students- but my guess is that he probably is.

Isn't it sad that we can't count on the teachers of our students to support and defend our Constitution? Don thinks our constitution had slavery written into it!! I wonder if he has ever even read the document. Our Constitution was written to defend the people from the government.Our wise founders knew that governments strive for power, that they are controlled by PEOPLE who have that natural urge to want to control, they divided up powers and gave us a vehicle for amendments to make changes where that became necessary. The 13th and 14th amendments add protections of rights because it became necessary- some PEOPLE in the country were not respecting the GOD GIVEN rights of all men.Don thinks rights are given from the GOVERNMENT!! He has a whole page for people to put in all the rights they want listed in the Constitution.

Our natural rights, as so eloquently written in the Declaration of Independence, are the right to LIFE,LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.The frame that holds those rights in place is our Constitution- as we ALLOW our government to move away from the restrictions in the constitution- we weaken the frame and risk losing our natural rights- our FREEDOM.

I was just sad after I read Don's blog. I used to think, a long time ago, that all American citizens believed in and loved their country as it was founded. This country is in a war today to save itself from people like Don who would destroy our constitution and put us at the mercy of a huge bureaucratic government.Most of these people have not seen what communism is, up close and personal, like I did. There was a lawyer, not long ago, that came up to a performer who was singing about the dictator Hugo Chavez, and asked her what was so bad about Hugo Chavez!! Kind of like wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt- the man was a MASS murderer!!

I've watched the attempt to compromise with Marxist's my whole life. I've learned one thing- there is no compromising with these people- you have to defeat them. Perhaps people like Don will never understand that government can not be used to make things fair. If you use government force to take from one to give to another,the first person has lost their right to their private property. If you use government force to make one person associate with another, you have taken away the first person's right to associate with whom they choose.As governments try to control economies they fail. As governments try to meet all the needs of individuals they go broke and collapse. All of Europe and America are on this course. As these governments fail they become totalitarian dictatorships- they consolidate their power as they try to control the people so that they can KEEP THEIR POWER in the face of defeat. This is history- and those that will not learn from it are bound to repeat it.

The first compromise was public schools- it seemed like a good idea- and for a long time it worked- but then when the Marxist/Communist/Socialist types took over in the sixties they wanted to use the schools for revolution (Bill Ayers is on record as saying "the revolution starts in the schools"). NEVER up front, NEVER telling their TRUE intentions- they were able to get a federal department of education.THEN they gradually consolidated their control. Today they have COMMON CORE- snuck in using the bureaucracies they have created- bypassing the people (the legislatures!!).

Their lies are continuous- there's no point in getting frustrated. We are in a war and they are lying- we will stop them- end of story.Common Core does cost money- lots of it- 125 million already in New York. Common Core IS a curriculum- obviously telling teachers what to teach, how to teach, and making them teach to the tests- they better teach to the tests because their job evaluation will depend on how their students do on these tests!!

The American idea has made us the richest, most successful and most powerful country in the world.We have fought for our freedom before and for our nation. We won the Revolutionary War and we won the Civil War- we will win this war too. Just recognize that it IS a war and that the Marxist/Communist/ Socialists are liars. Ignore the lies and stop them at every turn.The American dream will not die on this battlefield.Fight Obama's attempts at consolidating Federal power in your schools, in your cities, in your states and in your healthcare.No compromises- look where compromising has gotten us- failing schools and 17 trillion dollars in debt.We must consolidate our plans-like what good schools and good teachers colleges really look like. We must stand up for the principles of private property and capitalism. We must know who we are - AND NEVER BACK DOWN. It's not a Republican thing it's an American thing. We must stop our colleges from being reeducation camps that turn our citizens away from the principles of freedom. I believe in America and I see wonderful people everyday organizing and working hard. Maybe Don will never understand and love the freedom and God given rights that we enjoy in this country- but America will survive and the Marxist/Socialist/ Communists will lose in their attempt to take over this country.

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