Monday, 13 May 2013


Many people on the left think that there is no God or that "God is dead". The truth is they think THEY are God. They know best what you should believe and how you should live your life.They know best what your CHILDREN should believe and how they should be raised!! Don't worry your pretty little head about it- they'll take care of everything. Just don't be one of those trouble makers- they will take care of everything because they know best and you should just shut up and follow. Their religion is to remake the world in their image- the new world order social democracy.

In following their religion they do not have to obey laws- they are above laws. The new Common Core was slammed in across the nation without having to worry about those pesky legislatures and all those pesky representatives that the inferior ones voted for. They just used the state boards of education to mandate it, and often those mandates didn't even follow the law! Laws are for us inferior beings that must be led to the light- not for these Gods who know what is best for EVERYONE.

But let's look at what kind of experts these wonderful Gods really are. The new push is suicide prevention. Who wants kids to commit suicide right? This is the perennial box they put people in - if you're not for my idea you want kids to commit suicide!! What elected representative wants to get tagged with that- so they give in. Who would want to be tagged with not caring about education or abused children or starving children etc.? To this date our elected representatives have given in to the point that this country is in seventeen TRILLION dollars of debt and has had its credit rating downgraded!!Even Randi Weingartner from the national teacher's union recognizes that we may be witnessing the distruction of public education in America, (glad you finally recognize this Randi).

But have these Gods created wonderful schools for our children? Have they eliminated hunger or poverty? Do you think they will prevent suicide? Reports are that as usual with these Gods- when the suicide programs come in the problem INCREASES. Suicide prevention classes in California have been reported to have depressed children and in at LEAST one case caused a child in a fragile state to commit suicide, and in one case to have caused a young child to experiment and to die as a result.And who are the experts they are hiring here in Helena to teach all the middle and high school teachers about suicide? At least one of the trainers, not very long ago, was our DRUG PREVENTION expert!! So- people jump around becoming experts wherever the Gods have placed the current money. And- after this training- will all our middle school and high school teachers be experts in suicide prevention? OF COURSE NOT- they will be fingering children as suicide risks when they don't know a thing about it- hmmm- sounds like lots of work for all those unqualified "mental health" counselors the schools are hiring.In other words- lots of work for social workers!! Meanwhile- the kids are out of class and are receiving care from people practicing without a license.

This country had a wonderful founding and is using every piece of ammunition our forefathers gave us in our constitution to fight these Gods who are nothing more than propagandized socialists with the usual vision of panacea that they will never create. The road these Gods have taken this country on has led us to disaster- culturally and fiscally. It's time to return to our founding and turn these Gods out- America will return to greatness when we return to our constitution and our founding principles of freedom. This can happen much easier than you think. In Montana we reduced the number of people who were registered users of pot by SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT just by enacting tougher laws and having the Feds arrest the perpetrators.We know what to do to stop these Gods- the question is- will we do it?? They will be turned out eventually- but how far down will they drag this country before they are turned out? Fight on America.

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