Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I was raised as an AMERICAN. I'm not a fool and I know a liar when I see one. I just wish we could get this message to the political left- we are Americans and we don't truck with liars.

Somehow the political left has the idea that they can just manipulate and run over the American people. Any liar can get away with it for awhile- especially when they are working in secret. Heck, no one in this country knew the Common Core train was barreling down the track until they had blasted through our schools. That's what the GOLD MEDAL LIARS do- they sneak around until you find out- then they go to the obfuscation and manipulation tact- saying any ridiculous thing they think they can use.

The thing is, if you are an honest person with an honest agenda- you don't have to sneak around and you don't have to lie. There it is- these Common Core developers are playing the American people for fools. Does that make you mad? It should make you mad. It should also make you scared- look how far they have come OUTSIDE OF THE LAW, OUTSIDE OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, AND OUTSIDE OF THE TRUTH. The Common Core dictators think, as the Obama Care dictators think, that once they've got their garbage in- YOU CAN'T STOP IT! But we've got news for them haven't we? There isn't anything under the sun that was started that can't be stopped, or put another way, everything ends eventually and Common Core will just end much sooner than they planned.

Let's talk about how they played like a mouse. The State Board of Education in Montana is REQUIRED BY LAW to hold public meetings- and these meetings are supposed to be publicly noticed- before they make a mandate that costs money. Heck, they aren't even supposed to mandate curriculums-our constitution says regulate K-12 education- not create it!! But back to the sneaky part- all the meetings these GOLD MEDAL LIARS held were meetings for teachers and administrators!! They don't consider the parents and taxpayers part of the public!! And public notice?? One lady from the Office of Public Instruction told us at a meeting in Big Sandy that we should have all just gone to the OPI website!! Well- the State School Board had the legal obligation- and the last I checked websites are not "public notice". They deliberately kept not only you and me out of the loop but all of our elected representatives ( except superintendent Juneau of course- she stated at a meeting at the Montana Club over two years ago - let it slip- that all our schools would be going to FEDERAL TESTS LIKE THE NAEP- NATIONAL ASSESSMENT OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS- but wait a minute- Common Core isn't Federal- but then again Denise- I guess it is- like I said-GOLD MEDAL LIARS.)

AND WHY DIDN'T THEY TAKE THEIR PROGRAM TO OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES IN THE LEGISLATURE? They didn't want it debated in the light of day. You may have found out about it!! The orchestrators of this grand design over our children did it this way in every state they could- just used State School Boards so they could get around the legal processes of every state-the legal processes that are controlled by state constitutions and laws and have representatives that are voted for by the people.Dictators find constitutions and legislatures so cumbersome- so restrictive- it stops them from just doing what they want.

I don't like to call people liars- but there comes a time. We are the American public and we ARE NOT STUPID!! Quit telling us these are standards- it's insulting to our intelligence. We know exactly what you're doing so give up the lie. Standards don't have tests. Standards don't have to train teachers for specific teaching strategies. Standards don't specify exactly what must be learned. Denise Juneau had the gall to say at a joint legislative hearing this session that "The old idea of teachers having control over their own classrooms is going by the wayside". Yep- teachers have to collaborate to make sure they are doing what they are told.

Another way to lie to a person is to OBFUSCATE. You see- you're just too stupid and you don't understand- just don't worry your pretty little head about it- we'll take care of everything because we know everything and you don't. We have control of the vocabulary too- so we can make up new words and you'll really feel like you don't know what's going on.TEACHING IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!! WE ALL KNOW HOW TO DO IT- EVEN US HICKS HERE IN MONTANA!!" Oh, but this is for the"21st century"- and so what do you know about the 21st century that no one else does? "But we're trying to make your children college and career ready." YOU THINK? What have schools been doing prior to the new Common Core if not making kids college and career ready?"Yes, but we have the secret on how to make kids higher level thinkers who can work on committees for the 21st century". Baloney- 1) you don't do higher level thinking until you know something and little kids need to learn A WHOLE LOT OF SOMETHING before they are going to be higher level thinkers- they also have to have brain maturity for higher cognition 2) you don't have to LEARN in committees to be able to participate on one !!!

Every American should be on alert about these GOLD MEDAL LIARS. Tell your friends and neighbors what is happening because- OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION RESERVES CONTROL OVER EDUCATION FOR THE STATES!! These GOLD MEDAL LIARS are using bureaucracies to circumvent our CONSTITUTION- this is the road to tyranny.

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