Saturday, 20 July 2013


Attitudes are taught. Our schools talk a lot about teaching respect- but are they teaching respect really? True respect means I respect others- I don't resent them- I do not expect to pick their pocket to pay for me. Respect for myself means I believe I am capable of caring for myself. Most of us grew up poor and we never even knew we were poor. My mother made my lunches with left overs like meat loaf sandwiches. We could never afford snacks- she made home made cookies for us- we didn't ever buy potato chips or Twinkles. Think about the thrift and personal responsibility I learned from that. Today-implicitly in our culture and in our schools- we are teaching children that they have a RIGHT to things they can't afford. What kind of respect is this teaching them?

Resentment ruins people.Resentment does not earn me a living it just makes me angry and destructive of myself and others. People who believe they can do better on their own will do better on their own. In America today- even with all the destruction the liberals have foisted upon our economy- there is still opportunity. But you can not access this opportunity if you are a punk. Punks don't believe they need to get up early and follow direction- they think they have a right to things they did not work for. In our Alternative High Schools in many places- students are allowed to start school at 11:30 in the morning!! What kind of work ethic is this teaching? I'm sure if you questioned the adults in charge of these schools they would tell you that the late start keeps some kids in school and this is better than them dropping out. Really? What are they being prepared to do and who is really gaining here? Perhaps the school is gaining because they continue to get their ANB money and federal grants that they would lose if the student dropped out.

What do Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get by trumping up racial tension every chance they get? They get support for their non profits and support for the Democrat party that keeps the money flowing to them. But what do the kids get? The kids inherit the attitude that I can bash someones head in if I want to because they deserve it and I am a victim.That's how you raise a punk. You don't teach respect and family honor you teach kids to hate and destroy. Charles Paine is a Black man who was raised poor by his mother- he became a stock broker and is a wealthy man today who works for Fox News. It's all in the attitude- he carried a brief case to school and believed he would be a business man someday- and he is.

As a teacher I love all children- every child is a miracle to me. I retired because I couldn't participate in the destruction of children right before my eyes. The most important thing I ever taught was self respect and the work ethic. Every child I ever had that was a discipline problem or was struggling in school I attempted to turn around by setting goals for them. I would ask them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"- maybe they did say a major league ball player- but how many of us built a life striving for something we didn't get but we got something else that was pretty good because we worked hard? I love my country and I love the children that will make this country work- I write this blog because I will not sit idly by and watch this country and its children being destroyed.

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