Wednesday, 3 July 2013


As this country speeds down the highway to tyranny many of our "citizens" see no problem with the tyrannical government that is being formed.These are not citizens of our founding, they are citizens of the "world"- or put another way- citizens of the socialist world government being established by the United Nations. Most of these "citizens" think they are "American Citizens" - they do not even know what they are promoting and voting for.The courts can give citizenship papers to many people- but this does not mean that they are truly believers in this country and what it stands for- they just get the right to vote. This country is in a pitched civil war between the citizens of the founders and those who would destroy all that this country is and was founded to be.

The citizens of tyranny are happy to use tyrannical methods. These "citizens" do not respect freedom of information or representative government. It is so much easier to just use boards, committees and regulations to get what they want instead of having to rely on debate and freedom of information and votes of elected representatives. Let's look at how the Common Core National Curriculum was jammed down the throats of three hundred million Americans.

David Coleman, who may know a lot about how to manipulate a huge corrupt government for his own financial gain, is in fact, not a teacher, and knows nothing about writing curriculum. David got private money from the Gates Foundation (micro soft signed an agreement with UNESCO in 2004 to support global education) and The Charles Johnson Foundation among others, and created Achieve, a private company that wrote Common Core and had it COPYRIGHTED!! No freedom of information, no sunshine laws, were required for Achieve to write this curriculum for the entire nation.No debates, no votes, no speeches on the floor of the Senate or House were required. There was no need for research or data to support their spectacular claims. They claim that Common Core was internationally benchmarked but they have no evidence of any such testing comparisons.They claim that this curriculum will make students "college and career ready" and yet they have no research to back up such claims.They simply did what they wanted and said what they wanted with no responsibility to the law or the public. As Sandra Stotsky, who has a PhD in English Language Arts, points out- there was no clarification of "higher level thinking skills"- she asks "higher than what?" and points out that naturally children would need some amount of cumulative knowledge to think at higher levels in any case.The Common Core writers claim children will be "critical" thinkers- Sandra asks "critical of what?". And in what way will taking information out of the curriculum or replacing literature with informational text in English classes make children more ready for college? There is no research to back up any of these claims.

The Common Core tyrants formed a committee to "analyze" the Common Core curriculum.They chose 135 people for that committee. It is reported that the number of bureaucrats to experts was sixty to one!! They had only one English Language Arts expert, Sandra Stotsky, and she refused to sign off.They had one mathematics expert, James Milgram, and he also refused to sign off on the Common Core curriculum.Both of these experts wrote letters explaining their objections to Common Core and they were not submitted with the Common Core document - they disappeared!! People on the committee report, what those of us in education have lived since the Federal Government took over education in the early nineties, that they were directed, their opinions and expertise were ignored. Is this tyranny? You be the judge.

Our founders, if you read the discussions at the constitutional convention, were afraid of just this kind of thing happening, our country losing the protections in the constitution by authority being given to outside entities. After this rancid document was pushed through, the people with the copyright went to states and got their Offices of Public Instruction to "recommend" that the State Boards of Education mandate Common Core curriculum throughout their states. How did they get them to do this? They were talking from the Federal Government- even offering MONEY and waivers from NO Child Left Behind ( most of the states were in danger of having schools closed because they couldn't pass the No Child Left Behind tests).So, forty-six states mandated Common Core with the vote of nine people, who in most cases, are appointed- not elected. In most cases these State Boards had not even read the document(in many cases the standards weren't even written yet)- not that they would probably even have understood what they were reading- these people are appointed to go with the flow- not to be experts in the field or even to THINK. State Boards have ASSUMED the right to mandate curriculum- they were established to enforce the law- make sure teachers were accredited and schools had accredited curriculums and so on- to regulate- not to MAKE LAW, NOT TO MANDATE CURRICULUMS!!REGULATORY AGENCIES ARE BEING USED TO TYRANNICALLY MAKE LAW!!

This is what TYRANNY is- don't ask questions just do it, no laws no protections- just do what you are told because we told you to and we have the power. Is this what you want your America to be? Our children are our future and they are being indoctrinated in school more and more. What kind of America are they being taught to believe in- to protect and die for- to be loyal to? The people that support these efforts ( the people who actually understand what they are doing) are not citizens of the founding, they are global socialists that would take our constitution away from us and have us live under totalitarian socialism. On this Fourth of July we are fighting for the very existence of our country. Get involved- contact your elected officials- get the word out - vote- fight for your country or you will live under a dictatorship. Constitutions don't mean anything if they aren't enforced. Common Core must be stopped- and every attempt to control the population in these unconstitutional ways must be stopped. AMERICA!!! FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!


  1. What a compelling critique and explanation of Common Core. I will save this article and present it to anyone who doesn't know what all the fuss is about - and there are millions in this category.

    Keep up the fight Barbara.

    1. Thank you for all your responses to my blogs Tom. Your support means so much. I definitely will keep up the fight.