Friday, 12 July 2013


There was a time when teachers commanded some moral authority in the community. When I first started teaching in 1975 it was frowned upon for teachers to frequent the bars. I joined the Helena Chorale and our superintendent made a point to tell me that this was a good representation in the community. What kind of moral authority do teachers represent to their students today?

Last night I happened upon the Fox News O'Reilly show, which I almost never watch- but there was a man in a pink tutu at a transgender parade "for fun" on Coney Island in New York. When the reporter asked the man in the pink tutu what he did for a living he told him, appallingly, that he was a teacher!! Not only was this teacher bold enough to wear a pink tutu in a transgender parade, he made sure he was on television for millions to see!! I wonder what message he was trying to send to his students and their parents?I wonder what respect he expected his students to have for him after this display? It got worse when the reporter asked him if he liked his country, he said that he did not. Do our parents and tax payers have a right to expect the teachers they pay to support the government that is paying their salaries? What exactly do the parents of these young children have a right to expect? Is there any rule of conduct at all?

In Helena we try almost every election cycle to get some representation on the school board of a more conservative voice- and we routinely lose.The unions seem to control the vote- and they support the people that will guarantee the status quo in their financial arrangements PERIOD. If you think there is nothing you can do about this deterioration in our schools you are wrong. Who you vote for makes all the difference. The ACLU is only able to bring its reign of terror down on America because we let it. Judges are elected in some cases and appointed in others. The appointed judges have to be approved by the people you vote for- Senators. You can change America by voting for people with common sense that will give our children decent moral representation. I am not saying that things will change over night- this mess has been a long time coming and will take a while to change- but the American people can change it if they want to. IT IS INCUMBENT UPON THE ADULT CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES TO OFFER OUR YOUTH LEADERSHIP. Children deserve to be taught about the greatness of this nation and the morality that will give them the chance to climb the ladder of success and achieve greatness themselves.Our children have the right to grow up free from being sexualized at an early age by the media or their teachers. They have a right to grow up with morals and decency that will help them to live a good life.They have a right to a good education without being taught special interest agendas. I hope every one of you will think of our children and the leadership they deserve when you vote and when you talk to your neighbors. Our children and our country deserve better than what we are doing today.

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