Friday, 20 September 2013


I read a lot of material on Common Core and inevitably the writer will feel compelled to report the comments of some education experts such as the state superintendent of public instruction or the school superintendent of public instruction.THEY ALWAYS SAY THE SAME THINGS!! When you go to the doctor or to a lawyer or a contractor or an accountant or any other number of experts you expect expert advice. You go to these people because they are EXPERTS and should know more about the subject than you do. If you get legal advice or medical advice the expert giving you this advice will explain exactly what the problem is and if there is a solution. Do you think these education experts have even read the volumes of Common Core Standards? I highly doubt that most of them have read any of it.Why do they always come out for it and why are they all saying the same things?

It's very sad to say but I would venture to guess that if the Federal Government came up with a new ethos that all children will get the best education by rolling around on the floor, and put out propaganda statements for superintendents to use to back this up- the superintendents would use these statements stridently and vociferously in the press and at every opportunity. They are ROBOTS who do what they are told to do. Let's look at a few of their statements and see if these EDUCATION ROBOTS have any idea what they are talking about.

One of their favorite propaganda statements is that Common Core will be more "rigorous". Many states, including Massachusetts, have researched and found that in fact the Common Core standards do not compare favorably to the state standards they have now. What if you asked these EDUCATION ROBOTS to explain where in the Common Core document there is more rigor? They wouldn't know because they haven't read it and they don't really care- they see their future and their paycheck as being dependent on GOING ALONG- SAYING WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!! So they would come up with this statement "Common Core is teaching higher level thinking skills". If you probed much further ( which you inevitably would be stopped from doing) and asked what the higher level thinking skills were and how they are being taught and how young children with NO INFORMATION could do higher level thinking in any case, they would not have an answer. We might expect our "free press" to ask these questions- to hold the education officials accountable- but one would die of lack of oxygen holding your breath waiting for that to happen. One young teacher thought taking children to a holocaust museum after they read a book about bullying was teaching higher level thinking skills! WHAT? I'm sure the holocaust museum must be very prescient but it is there with a point of view- they aren't there to have children question whether abusing others is a good idea- they are there to teach the consequences. They are there to teach one point of view only. Guiding children morally is a good idea, I advocate for it on this blog, but it is not higher level thinking skills, it is adult GUIDANCE.The EDUCATION ROBOTS that are advocating for Common Core don't even know the definition of what they are supposedly talking about.

In Montana ,where I live, we have a state superintendent who is Native American. She thinks putting Indian Education in every subject proves that Montana is independent!! So we teach math and reading with the materials Common Core tells us to use and we teach in the project learning style and open ended questions and tests and all the other dictates from Common Core, but we are independent because we throw in a little Indian Education? Seriously??

The EDUCATION ROBOTS should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't experts at all. They have no integrity and no backbone. They don't use HIGHER LEVEL THINKING SKILLS themselves in their own profession, they just do what they are told.Shame on all of them. Our children will have a chance at GOOD EDUCATION when we have EXPERTS that are really experts- people who will research and think for themselves instead of FOLLOWING AND SAYING WHAT THEY ARE TOLD TO SAY!! The American public that pays 67% of their property taxes and the lions share of their state income taxes for public schools deserves better representation from the "education experts" that they are paying for.

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