Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I gave a speech about Common Core at our Republican central committee the other night and though I was well received by the majority there- the president kept popping up at my side as if I needed to wrap it up and there was one member who challenged me that "they need to hear the other side"- that what I told them was "my opinion". This lady had been on the Gates Foundation "Excellence in Education" sight that was organized to propagandize for Common Core. I told her exactly what the other side would say "21st century thinking skills and college and career ready ad nauseam" - with absolutely no research or proof to back up any of their outlandish claims. So be it- but why in the world would REPUBLICANS try to help the radical left in their power struggle to diminish and change America into their socialist world government control? Why would they work for UNESCO ( United Nations Education and Security Council that is behind the global education that Bill Gates signed on to)?

Randi Weingartner president of the national teachers union has asked Arnie Duncan our vaunted Federal Education Secretary to give her dispensation from having teachers evaluated on the Common Core Tests. My, My, I thought Common Core was a states initiative, how could it be that the head of the NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION must give Randi a dispensation? These people are lying like crazy and playing the right for fools- and they get some people on the right to go along with it!! I told this particular virulent woman ( from the central committee) at one point, that there were some of us who would not like to have our schools dictated to from a central authority- this shut her up for a moment.This whole Common Core thing is dangerous and preposterous (could be the END OF PUBLIC EDUCATION AS RANDI WEINGARTNER STATED) but some of our own allies on the right in this struggle for the hearts and minds of our children- will go along with the ridiculous propaganda.

How do you win a war when your own soldiers don't get it? Common Core teaches consensus rather than the individual- children are taught to go along with group decisions rather than their own.I would like to point out to the UNESCO people(most of whom are not Americans anyway) that group think brings about totalitarianism-not peace. Russia has had group think for centuries and look where it has gotten THEM.Great individuals bring about great countries like the United States.Under Common Core our children are taught to dispassionately tear apart their country and its' heroes and documents like THE CONSTITUTION.They are not taught in depth history and are taught to "critical" think and give "their opinions" way before they have any capacity to do these things. Clearly this is propaganda.Clearly this is an attempt to tear down loyalties to family and country- do the UNESCO people want this loyalty channeled somewhere else- who will fill the void? Who will direct the group think? Maybe the elitist UNESCO members will decide what the charges they are educating will think.

If this country is to be saved the right has to KNOW where all this (Common Core) is coming from and where it is headed. They need to confront the creators head on and STOP THEM DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS.This can and will be done- for one thing the program (like Obama Care) will not work. The left has grabbed their two golden rings- national health care and national curriculum- but they have no scaffolding in place- America, even the liberals, don't really believe in socialism- just try to get their private property or ask them how they feel about higher taxes!! The left is out of ideas, out of time , and OUT OF MONEY. They will implode on their own- but the right needs to understand their VISION of a free America and STOP helping the leftist propaganda machine!!

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