Friday, 13 September 2013


The world is full of communication these days- webs, blogs, 24 hour news, media,media, media. The question is, has our society advanced enough to think for themselves? One mother was questioned the other day about teaching sex education to Kindergartners and she gave the response she was PROPAGANDIZED to give " Well, in the world today children need protection". Does she really believe that teachers or school nurses teaching her five year old about the proper names "penis" and "vagina" are going to protect him/her from an over sexualized culture? Does she think sexualizing her child too young will make him/her LESS susceptible to a society that has lost control of its moral boundaries? Why would she think that? If you tried to get her to explain this she wouldn't be able to- she would probably get mad and go to the old "you're a right wing extremist" tact of one kind or another.

The truth about this "global" sex education that is in Common Core (Health Enhancement), is that it was written by SEICUS ( Sex Information Council of the United States) that was founded by Alfred Kinsey the renowned sex pervert that thought pedophilia and rape weren't so bad. He had sex tapes of little children being sexually abused that he used as his "research". Does this mother know this? I doubt it. She knows what the PROPAGANDA media is spewing out and that is all. Maybe she should start to think about what she is saying instead of accepting the media PROPAGANDA.

Every new program that the left comes out with is vetted by Public Relations experts so that the right slogans and words are used to ADVERTISE and PROPAGANDIZE.Common Core has not been tested or vetted or researched to find out if it will be effective- but you can bet the PROPAGANDA ARTISTS were brought in right away to MAKE THE SELL.Certain people on the left just look for the PROPAGANDA and spew it out.These are the same people who know what you should eat and how you should live and raise your children- they're sure there is global warming though they haven't seen the results of that for 20 years and the latest reports are that the Glaciers are INCREASING in size.They feel secure and smart in their world where they just listen and go along.Unfortunately these people CAN VOTE!!

Common Core immediately came out with the slogans about the 21st century, rigor, and "college and career" ready. They didn't mention vocational skills but used "college" because it polled so much better- they found every parent wants to think their child will go to college.The PUBLIC RELATIONS EXPERTS ARE USING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AS SUCKERS!! Yes, students are coming to college unprepared, but what would make anyone think that Common Core is what is needed?!! In seat time LEARNING instead of all the experiments would be a good start in really teaching and getting results.Why would anyone think knowing WHY math works is more important than being able to do it- especially when you're eight years old?

The left is out of ideas and keeps repackaging the old ones that have never worked with new PROPAGANDA messages.Alfred Kinsey's influence has been around since the 50's- the same old open sexuality stuff that has RUINED THIS SOCIETY AND LED TO DEPRESSION IN OUR YOUTH AND CHILDREN BEING RAISED IN SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLDS.The Montessori open classroom junk- teach a little of this and a little of that because it's more creative and the kids like it- has been around since the 60's and gives our colleges the illiterate students they have today. Group project learning a.k.a. cooperative learning has been around pathetically without success for the same number of years.This is Common Core folks- replete with the higher level thinking skills and critical thinking- not new at all.They haven't reached their goal of critical thinking for five year olds in fifty years- do they think five or eight year olds are suddenly more cognitively prescient? Give the kids a pretest and then send them to fish or garden or play with computers or community service or cook or art or whatever- that's the new norm that is producing illiterate students.

And by the way, as in every communist agenda, EVERYONE WILL BE THE SAME!!SERIOUSLY? What about English as a second language kids or Special Education students? If America is to regain its' footing the people will have to become media savvy in a big way- they will have to recognize all the hype and PROPAGANDA for what it is and just require real answers to real questions.And by the way- flu shots don't really work either- drug companies are making lots of money but studies have shown that for older people only SEVEN PERCENT were actually helped by a flu shot.The advertisements go on incessantly none the less. Cut the hype America and get back to your principles.YES, America Is exceptional in every way. We are exceptional because our system of government from our CONSTITUTION and our FREE MARKET ECONOMY actually DO work. Every tin horn dictator (including ours) just hates that freedom and free markets work superiorly to their top down dreams.They need PROPAGANDA to convince you to listen to THEM.Just"DON'T LET THEM".

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