Friday, 6 December 2013


Central planning always leads to corruption and the United States is no exception. When you hear about all the corruption going on - there is so much that they don't even become scandals anymore-just reports- you might feel like you are living in a banana republic.

Let's start with Carlos Slim- off and on the richest man in the world. He has made FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS off of the Obama Phone program. You see, you get charged a fee on your phone every month to buy cell phones for the "poor". For every cell phone that is given out the government pays Carlos $9.25 a month.What a deal- Carlos might even just give those cell phones away- in fact- you really don't have to prove your income in most cases and some people get more than one phone!! Carlos must be laughing his head off on his way to the bank- he's rich because they don't have much of a welfare system in Mexico where he is a citizen- that's why all the poor Mexicans come to the United States for services!! He doesn't have to pay the taxes and he collects all the telephone fees that the sucker Americans are forced to pay!!

The list goes on- today it was reported that the U.N. is giving low income reports to ambassadors so that they can sign up for medicaid- this qualifies them for welfare and they are taking vacations and buying cars on our dime! Forty nine ambassadors have been located so far- hmm- do you think it has stopped at forty nine? In the Wall Street Journal today it is reported that a judge gave her good friend a honey of a job- $1,000 an hour to investigate Apple- but whoops- the friend doesn't know how to investigate Apple so he takes his $1,000 an hour and then has hired someone else at $1000 an hour and sends the bill of $2,000 an hour to Apple. The consumer pays for all of this.

In schools we used to have fair competition among curriculum companies. There were so many curriculum companies to choose from- Silver Burdett, McGraw Hill, Houghton Miflin, Scott Foresman - to name a few. Then the Federal Government got involved- now it looks as if Pearson will just walk off with the prize. All schools have the same curriculum- which is copyrighted- and all books must have the same curriculum. No more need to compete or improve or innovate- Common Core has taken care of all that. Common Core tests will be on computers- schools better anti up to Microsoft or they won't be able to take the tests. No choice, no competition, no decisions to make - all taken care of in Washington. School administrators are not paid to think- they must go along- and they all do. Our schools have become corrupt power cartels dictated to from Washington. All they have to do is go along. Who really cares if the kids are learning anything or if all of these ideas are bad and destructive? You don't get paid for bucking the system- and the amount of money in that system is hard to fathom.

You know, since no one is thinking anymore, you just go with the flow and don't ask for proof either. Did you hear that they falsified the employment data right before the election? Another corruption report that just came and went into the ether. People from the census bureau were reporting that they were told to makeup positive data. In school employees just say programs work- like Montessori or Dare or the Gifted and Talented program- no data needed. When asked about conflicts- like" How come Montessori says every kid should learn at their own speed and Common Core insists that every kid will learn the same things at the same time in every grade?"- we are told Common Core doesn't have grade levels!! Common Core not only has grade levels it has a scope and sequence!!

The bigger the government in Washington gets the more corrupt and unaccountable they become- the more destructive and secretive they become- the more they need the press to be their pubic relations department and cover for them. We certainly see that in the paper here- they run a positive made up story about Common Core weekly - ON THE FRONT PAGE!! They bury the truth and won't do investigative reporting. If they DID do investigative reporting they might report that the Helena schools in following the Community Centers plan for "21st century schools" has every intention of closing at least two schools- though the superintendent has PROMISED NO SCHOOLS WOULD BE CLOSED.

All this sadness and lying and corruption which leads to public distrust and economic collapse has been brought on by the central planners. We can only hope that the American Dream will not die on the bed of these socialist nim com poops.

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