Sunday, 15 December 2013


Certain people among us who think of themselves as ha ha "progressives" - think that they and their movement are the ARCHITECTS OF MODERNITY. Actually they are not. They would like to be- and they would like to trick you into thinking that they are- but alas- THEY ARE NOT. They have a vision for sure- one that has people directed to their station in life "the poor", the "homeless", the "disabled" and so on. Conservatives don't divide people up that way- they see all people as equal and having the same opportunities.

A grandmother I know, who is raising her granddaughter, had her going to one of our "title" schools here- Federal Government delineated as "poor" school. The little girl started losing self esteem and self confidence. She moved her out of that school to a school that is not "title" and the child has voila!! self esteem again. Why is that? I think it's expectations. If you are told you are a victim and need free food all day long- you might start to think you ARE A VICTIM!!

When I was in school we were all the same. Oh, their might have been a kid whose parents could afford store bought goodies like Twinkies- but really- we were all the same. There was no dividing kids up- everybody was expected to be disciplined and to work hard if they expected to succeed. We were told America was the land of opportunity and we believed it. If your life got messed up it was because you messed it up. I graduated when I was 17 and I went to work- and college at the same time. I worked days and went to school at night. I shared an apartment with a couple of other girls. I never even considered government assistance- that was for welfare people- not me. No one took welfare- it just wasn't done. Now the people who think they are the ARCHITECTS OF MODERNITY, think there is a NEW WORLD ORDER ( same term Hitler used) that will have just about everybody on some type of welfare.

Instead of working two jobs people will just get food stamps. Instead of delaying gratification and staying off drugs people will just go to food share and label themselves "homeless". Instead of being a rugged individual who is proud and self reliant - a person will accept their status as an underachiever and lay around waiting for the next handout.

These people who think they are the ARCHITECTS of our FUTURE think project based learning will bring people out of poverty!! SERIOUSLY RANDI ? Randi Weingartner, the head of the teacher's union, was on the Megan Kelly show parroting this nonsense. Megan asked her what "project based learning" was, but when Randi said robots, she didn't probe further. Hey Randi, seriously, where's your data? Where's your research? How is this all going to happen? I'll tell you something Randi- JOBS ARE WHAT BRING PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY!! PEOPLE WITH EXPECTATIONS OF HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE, SELF RELIANCE, FORTITUDE AND DELAYING GRATIFICATION BRING PEOPLE OUT OF POVERTY. JUST ASK ANYONE WHO HAS MADE ANY SUCCESS OUT OF THEIR LIFE- THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE!! Government programs and doing drugs in Denver just isn't going to get you there. But do these over stuffed government types who think they are the ARCHITECTS OF MODERNITY really want a free America that doesn't need them? I'm guessing not.

Conservatives have their own idea of "21st century skills" and this involves all the values listed above. It also includes learning real skills by buckling down to the books and taking personal responsibility- not visiting with your friends and doing only what you like, and what is "creative" and "exciting" and "fun".

The only thing the "progressives" have done is destroy this country with the old failed ideas of the Communists. They like to take credit for the Civil Rights movement- but sorry- the Democrats in the south fought Civil Rights as long as they could. No, these people can take credit for societal break down and economic implosion and debt. They can take credit for propaganda and lies that they use to try to get more and more control- like the Global Warming scam and the alternative energy scam.Community Centers are not the same as schools. They can drop the "nothing has changed" garbage- senior citizens going to schools to get healthcare is not the same as using the gym for basketball practice!! How stupid do they think or hope the American people are? They can take credit for the break down of our justice system and government corruption that we've never seen the likes of before. They can take credit for turning our public school system into propaganda centers where children learn to separate from their parents with their own opinions and points of view when they're five. Old Communist ideas are not a hold on our future. Liberals are NOT THE ARCHITECTS OF MODERNITY!!

I taught in low income schools and I taught children the values to climb the ladder of success.

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  1. Barbara, it is interesting to me that all of the liberal ideas are "old" ideas that have repeatedly failed throughout history. But the liberal hegemony over the weak-minded has been successful and is formidable and frightening. Their ideas may be old, but they have been persistent and consistent in pursuit of their evil cause, and the Obama fiefdom proves the power of persistance. Can't argue with success, but we must continue to battle.