Saturday, 28 December 2013


Have you ever seen that slogan that the education unions like to use " If you think education is expensive, TRY IGNORANCE"? At some point I guess the liberals understand, based on this slogan, that IGNORANCE can lead to tyranny. Ignorant people, people without education or information, will vote for dictators- Hitler was elected. What is used to propagandize and control these "ignorant" people? Class warfare is ALWAYS what is used. You see,the dictator says, the reason you are poor is that someone else has taken advantage of you and we are going to set things right by TAKING what these unfair people have, and GIVING it to you!! So- vote for us!! What a deal-of course the "ignorant" will vote for you! Why do people respond to sales at the store? There is something real cheap- getting two for one- getting something for nothing. But when it comes to voting for government- what the ignorant don't understand- is the consequences of what they are voting for.

Apparently Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin who stood up to the teacher's union, is all in on Common Core. Seriously Scott?!! The Federal government is promising big money to states that fall in line for the National Education Standards and Scott wants the money. States are cash strapped beyond belief with all the WELFARE they are paying out - Federal grants that have gone away leaving states to pay the tab for programs for everything from advertisements to brush your teeth to urban foresters and federal curbs- along with government unions that are sucking the life out of taxpayers. So Scott wants the money. Hey Scott- have you thought about the CONSEQUENCES of what you are giving up? Dear Scott, federal control of our schools takes away LOCAL FREEDOM AND CONTROL!! Federal government control of schools is what they had in the Soviet Union, what every dictatorship has. The Feds want this control so they can Propagandize our children- from environmentalism to sex to data collection- to whatever the latest lobby wants.

Now, maybe Scott just doesn't want to believe this- the money is so enticing. Here's a nice little example for you Scott. A lawyer in Helena had his daughter accused of bullying in school because she didn't want to play with someone- she wanted to choose her own friends!! Our children are now being bullied by the schools!! They will watch them interact in all these Common Core proscribed"diverse" teams and determine if they interact "effectively" and "respectfully". This is subjective and violates the constitution in so many ways it is hard for me to count- let's start with FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, THE RIGHT TO PURSUE MY OWN HAPPINESS- and so on. Maybe I'm a private person and I'd just like to do my own work. Maybe I don't want to share my answers. Just maybe I should be graded on the quality of my WORK and WHAT I KNOW ,not someone else's opinion of whom I should associate with and what I should say and how I should say it.

IGNORANCE is definitely expensive Scott. I believe many liberals are WILLFULLY IGNORANT. They will give up their freedom and the freedom of their children based on CLASS WARFARE IDEOLOGY. They need to quit blindly following this ideology, there is no panacea. The WAR ON POVERTY- has been going on for fifty years and it has created more crime, more drug use, a breakdown in morals, corruption in the courts (many judges get their jobs not because of their abilities but because they can be relied on to do what they are told), corruption in the government, more poverty, more unwed births, government imploding with debt,- no panacea at all. These people- IGNORANT BECAUSE OF IDEOLOGY- will continue to vote to give away all our freedoms without questioning what in the world they are voting for.  The next time a liberal asks you what YOUR IDEA is tell them it is the rugged individual who has integrity and pride and can take care of himself. A government that is not in debt and not corrupt because it is so huge- oh yes, and FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS!! Actually, we can brush our own teeth without a government sponsored billboard telling us to do that- we even know how to feed our own children without Michelle Obama telling us what they should eat.


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