Sunday, 2 February 2014


Did you see the parents from Utah whose kids got their lunches taken away because their parents hadn't paid, on the news the other night? What did you think about that? Certainly the school could have had a better plan- like just having the kids call home and say they didn't have a lunch that day- not serving them and then taking it away!! But- how about the parents? Whose responsibility is it to feed their children? Is it your responsibility? Is it my responsibility? NO - the answer is it is the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY TO FEED THEIR CHILDREN!! But these parents have been indoctrinated, though they don't realize it, to believe that they aren't  REALLY entirely responsible for their own children. They were outraged at the school - and looking for sympathy from the viewing audience!! It never even occurred to them that they are LAZY AND IRRESPONSIBLE !! Well, gee- it would take some effort and planning to go to the store each week and purchase food for lunches and then to prepare lunches for the children EVERY DAY ! It's so much easier to just LET THE SCHOOL TAKE CARE OF IT ! But, because the parents have been INDOCTRINATED TO IRRESPONSIBLE LAZINESS - they don't even recognize what they are not doing, and instead hold others responsible for what they should be doing themselves. This is the ADDICTION OF MARXISM. Everyone is a victim who NEEDS TO BE DEPENDENT.

 Well, what about afterschool daycare? It's so much easier to just have the school do it- you don't have to find a good provider and transport your children. What about healthcare? Gee, if the school will do it you don't even have to find a good doctor and get off of work to get the child to the appointments. What a deal!! Now the schools want to take children as young as three years old!! What a deal- you don't have to pay for daycare- the taxpayers will just take care of it!! Yeah- what a deal. There's no downside here is there??

Well, whatever the government gives the government controls. They will decide WHAT AND HOW MUCH YOUR CHILDREN WILL EAT. They will decide HOW YOUR THREE YEAR OLD WILL BE RAISED. They will decide WHAT HEALTHCARE YOUR CHILD WILL GET.  They will take over parenting and decide WHAT YOUR CHILD'S VALUES WILL BE. They will decide WHAT ACTIVITIES ARE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR CHILD AFTER SCHOOL. Eventually they will drive other providers out of business and you will do and pay whatever the government decides. The government can then take away anything they give as well- rendering you dependent on the government's every whim. Your control over your life and your children will be lost because of your ADDICTION to government.

Americans should not compromise with this indoctrination of dependency and sloth- they should stand up proud with their ideas of freedom from government overreach and oppression. They should stand for the proud independent Americans that would rather pay their own bills today instead of paying the bills of others forever. We can have a proud industrious America where people work and invest for their futures instead of driving the government into ever more debt and leaving it to their children. We can have an America where our children inherit prosperity and strength and their parents retirement accounts when they pass, instead of having to pay for tragic ponzi schemes that are putting our country in peril.

One of the churches here in town has an add that says believing in Christ is just like making a wish  when you throw a coin into a  wishing well!! THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST RIDICULOUS THINGS I HAVE EVER HEARD!! NO, church is not all about YOU and what your are wishing for!! Church is about CONSCIENCE and MORAL RESPONSIBILITY and LOVE OF CHRIST. It's about living for something more than what your daily desires are. It's about your soul- your salvation and redemption.

Life is hard and will never be a panacea. Life is struggle for all of us. It is so easy for the left to sell ambrosia- just come along with us and we will pay your bills. Don't worry about a conscience- YOU AREN'T RESPONSIBLE- YOU ARE A VICTIM!! It's way past time for America to shake off these Marxist charlatans and turn to our true selves who know what our responsibilities are. It's time to start rebuilding America with people who have pride, respect and integrity. It's time to take back our lives
and our children. Shake off the ADDICTION America- it's a slow boat to hell. 

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  1. A frying pan, Barbara. A frying pan. I am out of answers - this might be the only thing left that could work.