Monday, 17 February 2014


As a conservative, it is somewhat bemusing to see our new liberal friends in the Common Core struggle be amazed that their country is "no longer the country I grew up in"! Why, there is corporate and Federal collusion!! YOU THINK?? You mean when the government gets too big and has too much power bad things like corruption and collusion happen?? Glad to see our liberal friends FINALLY waking up to this reality.

This is a rare moment in America these days, libertarians and conservatives and liberals alike, are all against Common Core. Mark Naison, cofounder of  BATS (Bad Ass Teachers- an organization of teachers against Common Core which now has over 38,000 members), is a liberal activist that has suddenly been woken up. He was doing a little history program with kids in the Bronx and suddenly- there was no time for his program - or recess or art or anything- the kids had to spend all their time preparing for the high stakes Federal Achievement Tests!!

I listened with great relief to Mark Naison's speech- our friends on the left finally get that we our losing our freedom and local control- that there is something very wrong in our country. Mark sees the reign of terror and stress that is being brought down on our teachers. I've realized for a long time that our teachers are being bullied- right under the eyes of all these "anti-bullying" programs (see "Knowing, Doing, B E L I E V I N G"). I brought this up at a recent Helena School District Budget Committee meeting. Students are individuals and SO ARE THE TEACHERS!! As I pointed out to the board members- would you like someone to come into your house and tell you what to say and how to act with your children? 

What Mark Naison realizes is that all this comes down on the children. Teachers under stress will not be good teachers. Teachers that can not teach in their own teaching style will be false and ineffective.We now have a Federal Educational Dictatorship - complete with master teachers, forced collaboration, data collecting, and Federal Tests with open ended questions that follow how children think- not just if they know the information!!

WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!! Federal bureaucrats who are not educators ( Marc Tucker), used YOUR MONEY to BRIBE the states and get them to fall in line with Common Core. The total going to the testing companies alone is $360,000,000. Pearson (going under many pseudonyms these days- like being called McGraw Hill and so on) is making a fortune rewriting all the textbooks for Common Core. Bill Gates has poured in $173,000,000. I remember the slimy guy getting all the Montana data sharing contracts. The joint legislative committee gave him all the time in the world to present- there were no competitors allowed to present and I know the Helena contracts are going to this firm- probably the rest of the state too. Follow the money. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?!! Government got too big- and with big government comes control and corruption. Our forefathers were very wise men and they gave us a constitution to protect us from just this situation. They gave us a constitution to limit government and protect our freedoms.

Finally the people on the left are realizing what it feels like to be sneered at and treated with contempt. Finally they are realizing that the message from the left that all Tea Party activists and conservatives are narrow minded and ignorant may not actually be true. Finally they see the elitists trying to protect their money and their power grab. WHAT IS HAPPENING? MAYBE WE WILL SAVE AMERICA BY CHANGING WHAT HAS HAPPENED INTO WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING TO GET OUR FREEDOM BACK.

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