Saturday, 22 February 2014


I reached into a drawer the other day and there was a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence- a cold shot of terror went to my heart - the left is trying to undermine these documents. The question in my heart was "WILL THEY SUCCEED?!!"

I talk to people about this all the time they say " I know". Thank goodness they know, but what will we do about it? We hear about these eminent domain cases ALL THE TIME , where people's land is taken from them for any bizarre reason the government wants to come up with "There might be a frog that could live here someday", or "We don't like you reaching your property on an ATV"- whatever they like- and they condemn the property and offer the people some pittance of what the land is worth. Often times the people go to great expense to try to fight in court- but often they lose. The courts are controlled by the left as is the media and the schools. All in the name of "fairness" or  "helping the poor" or "being progressive".

One judge can get away with making the most unfair , unfounded decisions. One family in Massachusetts had their daughter taken from them by a judge who did not care that Boston's Children's Hospital made a diagnosis opposed to Tuft's University Hospital in TWELVE HOURS. He/she remanded custody of the child to the Children's Hospital at the behest of social services who again would not question the change in diagnosis. The child is now paralyzed and the parents can only visit her once a week on supervised visits!! The father had to act against the judge to go to the media and plead for help- he is under a GAG ORDER NOT TO SPEAK ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HIS FAMILY!! The government bureaucracy rules supreme.

The other day, famously, the Federal Communications Commission tried to put out a program to monitor news rooms. The propaganda was just too transparent - why did they want to monitor news rooms? Oh, they needed to monitor news rooms to "Make sure they were being fair to the poor". The cover for the government control is always the poor, or fairness, the 21st century or saving the environment or some other benign excuse that they think they can get away with.

Federal bureaucrats come up with the standards - like Common Core in our schools or eminent domain or freedom of the press, and the people are left in hamstrung desperation- their will and voice is neutered- they can't do anything.

The National Security Administration does its dirty work- collecting information on ALL innocent Americans- and yet when there is an obvious threat like Major Hassan or Benghazi on SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH - they are completely ineffectual. Why are they really collecting all this information? It's certainly not stopping terrorism!!

We all just hope to stay under the radar from a bureaucracy that can take our property, our families and our lives at any whim . A federal bureaucracy that is now running everything- including our schools. This bureaucracy is now intent on getting rid of the one thing that still stands in their way- our United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that defines and protects our freedoms. This bureaucracy from the left wants to rewrite the Constitution to give them more power and their plan is to use our children to drive these agendas.

As I saw that Declaration of Independence and the Constitution I felt helpless and afraid. I remembered that everyday in school when I was young we would salute the flag and sing "MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE, SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, TO THEE I SING. LAND WHERE MY FATHERS DIED, LAND OF THE PILGRIMS PRIDE, FROM EVERY MOUNTAIN SIDE, LET FREEDOM RING".  When did these words become a joke? When did they become something to be jeered at by our non-patriots of the left ?

Our children are being propagandized in school in a captive audience - and we are very proud when they are able to stand up. We are being propagandized everyday- yes, they really do need to monitor news rooms to make sure the news is fair to the poor (yeah right)!! We, as grownups, need to protect our children by standing up to propaganda too. 

 The group "People for the American Way" wants you to believe the American way is not freedom and independence but slavery to government and forced redistribution. Propaganda and teaching methods for propaganda are called the "21st century". The leftist protestors are "Taking America Back". Back from what- from freedom to tyranny? Freedom from religion is now not having any. Morals are controlling and government intrusion in every minute of your life is just "keeping you safe".

America is being taken over from within and the American people must stop it. In Ukraine the people have taken to the streets- in America the grownups just need to stop listening to all the propaganda. A majority of the people can get sex and propaganda out of our schools. We can demand that our elected representatives get rid of all these departments and bureaucratic employees. Downsize the government and take your lives back. Start thinking for yourselves and put the propaganda artists out- MY COUNTRY TIS OF THEE!!

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