Friday, 14 March 2014


I just listened to a video lecture by Diana West who wrote the book American Betrayal. I came across this video completely by accident- I was reading a Google Alert on Common Core and there it was in the margin. I was stunned to see that her research of Soviet archives had brought her to the same conclusion that I talked about in my last post- America is not living on the truth- America is living on lies that are told to us for ideological purposes. The ideological purpose is to destroy capitalism and the American Constitution.

Diana points out that espionage is not always as it is portrayed in the movies- a secret agent trying to get  documents and give them over. Espionage can also be trying to frame the debate. Diana has information that shows that our government began to be infiltrated by soviet agents in the thirties.

This is certainly not the first time I have heard about soviet infiltration- we all know about Alger Hiss- and a few days before President Kennedy died he gave a speech in which he said he would be investigating communist infiltration of the government. No thinking person could deny this influence and penetration into our government.

The question is- do we want to believe it? Of course anyone who says the obvious is called a fascist or a red bater or something, to either intimidate them into shutting up or to discredit anything they have to say,but what does America choose to do? America is very sick, some would say on life support- the question is not whether she can get well again- the question is whether the American people WILL make her well again.

My first degree is in social science. I learned there that societies are like families. Dysfunctional families will protect liars. Why do they protect liars? I'm not a psychologist but I guess it is for preservation- preserving a front or a person from exposure. It's easier to protect the lie. You can get love and advantages from protecting the lie. It takes great courage to stand up and take the wrath by exposing the lies. America is like that dysfunctional family. Some people can see the lie and don't want to say anything- it might hurt their job or their social standing or lose them friends. Some people can't see the lie- they've invested their whole life in the lie- maybe they've given up their religion or caused harm to their family- giving up now would leave them without anything in their life- they aren't going to admit the lies even to themselves. Others see the lies but they don't feel like they can do anything about it- they don't think they have a choice, so they go along. One fact does remain however, America must choose to stop the liars, or choose to keep being sick.

We had to go to Washington state this week and as we drove down the highway I watched all these thousands and thousands of cars driving in the right lanes, getting off at the right exits, getting onto and off of ramps, changing lanes - and THERE WERE NO ACCIDENTS!! How could that be if the majority of American people are not smart enough or decent enough to even feed their children? Maybe Americans are actually able to be independent and free. Maybe the American people can not only feed their own children but find them healthcare and daycare as they always have. Maybe they can provide for themselves and their families without a large intrusive government. Maybe they can decide on the best education for their children without the Federal government having any say at  all. Maybe the vast majority of Americans don't need the Federal Government for anything but what it was intended for in our Constitution. Maybe the Federal Government doesn't need to collect personal data on our children in school so that they can manage us and raise our children because we are too incompetent to do so. Maybe we don't need unemployment insurance or health insurance from the Federal Government. Maybe we really are smart enough to be free and independent.

If you think Common Core is "Just standards" you obviously are unwilling to see or admit the truth. As I've said on this blog a thousand times, and I never should have even had to say it, if you are telling teachers how to teach, aligning the textbooks and providing tests- you haven't just suggested a standard- you have written a curriculum. America will not get on the road to good health until the majority of its citizens will stand up and quit listening to ridiculous and preposterous lies. The lies are all around us- as easy to pick off as ripe cherries from a tree. There is no end of material for this blog- but my heart aches- please America- start FIGHTING BACK!! Have the courage to fight back, just admit the truth and start the healing. Untelling the lies will take time- and for some it will require great courage and personal sacrifice, but we will all be so much better off when we have a country that is on the right path, a country that has a government we can respect again, a country we will be proud to leave to our children.

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