Friday, 21 March 2014

Open Letter To Michelle Obama

Dear Michelle,

What in the world are you doing in China?!! Your trip is to discuss EDUCATION!! Do you think we need advice from COMMUNISTS?!! Are you so completely mislead as to believe China is a great place and our schools should be like theirs?!! I know you like to take your girls on a nice tax payer funded vacation every year for spring break- but seriously- what do you know about education?!!Have you ever taught or do you have any degrees in education at all? Are you now moving your career from being my nutritional advisor to an education expert?!! I never noticed you being elected to anything, so why would you be representing me in China?!!

This trip wouldn't have anything to do with all the Chinese doctors and professors that are decrying the value of a national curriculum WOULD IT??? My goodness, I know you love communists but let's look at the situation - are you signing your children up for school in Chinese Public Schools? Maybe you should stop for some healthcare in the hospitals for their average Chinese peasant while you are there. The fact is that Communism (tyranny) doesn't work,nor do their schools. They don't get their test scores by testing Chinese peasant children- they pick the brightest and only those children go on to national testing to be compared with other nations.

But wait a minute- you said Common Core was NOT A NATIONAL CURRICULUM!! Why, just because your buddy Arnie Duncan runs around shoving Common Core down the throat of every township, municipality, school district and spot in the road in America and your husband is doling out Federal Grants like candy to bribe every school district, that doesn't make it a FEDERAL program does it? Oh, or maybe it does Michelle.

You know Michelle, I wouldn't care if the schools in China were just wonderful- I still wouldn't want to live in the world of tyranny that you and your husband are trying to create. Our children and our parents and our teachers don't need you or your husband's advice or interference in their schools. In America our schools are a states right and we want our children to go to school to learn academics, not to be social engineered. We'll eat what we want and teach what we want - we really don't want or need your advice.

While we're here having this little conversation Michelle let's talk about the "21st century global education" you're so enamored with. In the first place, you don't know what the "21st century" will be anymore than Lincoln knew how the Civil War would turn out or our founders knew how this great country they created in the new Constitution would work out - you see- God doesn't give us the power to know the future. But one thing is for sure- a country that builds up its debt to over SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS has sacrificed its' national security and the financial security of its' children. Allowing Russian expansion will leave America weak and in peril- as will nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea. Rampant Moslem radicalism that your husband encourages leaves us unsafe everywhere. Legalized drugs and getting rid of mandatory sentences encourages moral decay and a loss  of the integrity and work ethic that makes a strong nation. Destabilizing the Middle East, by threatening and not supporting Israel, encourages radicalism and the loss of Western influence there.

None of us knows the future, but we can spend our money carefully and plan well to try to be strong for whatever may come. Your husband is making America weak and in danger. Your trip to China is a waste of money that we don't have to spend. You don't know education and you don't know the 21st century- bring your girls home and pay for your own vacation this year.

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  1. Another sensational Sasha and Malia spring break! Compliments of the taxpayers . . . promoted on Twitter . . .