Thursday, 6 March 2014


I have learned many things on the journey to my daughter becoming a microbiologist. One of the things I learned is that YOU NEVER FALSIFY DATA!! This is taken VERY SERIOUSLY in the microbiology world. Why is it taken so seriously? It's taken so seriously because SCIENCE DEPENDS ON VALID DATA!! THERE IS NO SCIENCE IF THE DATA IS NOT VALID- THE STORY YOU ARE TELLING IS JUST A MADE UP STORY OF FICTION IF THE DATA IS NOT VALID.

So what is happening in our world today? The left is FALSIFYING DATA!! They have been doing this for a very long time. Do you remember Rachel Carson? She created the DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) hysteria. DDT's usefulness in combatting malaria and other insect-borne diseases was unprecedented. Millions and millions of lives were saved from typhus, malaria and other diseases because of DDT. But suddenly, one woman in a fit of hysteria changed all that. In her book Silent Spring she cited cases of cancer in children and came to the unproven conclusion that the cancer was caused by DDT. She didn't even have to put in the long years of study to prove her theory- she just gave epidemiological evidence- percentages of cancer- to come to her conclusions. Oh my, the fact that more children were dying of cancer than other diseases was because THE OTHER DISEASES LIKE PLAGUE AND MALARIA THAT HAD KILLED CHILDREN PREVIOUSLY WERE WIPED OUT LEAVING THE PERCENTAGE THAT DIED OF CANCER HIGHER SINCE THERE WERE LESS OVERALL DEATHS!! She just hadn't considered that. Now, after millions of unnecessary deaths, the World Health Organization is backing off  of its ban on DDT. If the World Health Organization and the press had REQUIRED ACTUAL PROOF OF THE LINK BETWEEN DDT AND CANCER instead of epidemiology - which doesn't prove a connection- millions of lives would have been saved. Do you remember the saccharine hysteria? We all had to quit having saccharine in our drinks because mice that were given saccharine got cancer. Oh my, we later found out that they were giving more saccharine to the mice than their body weight practically!! No proof of connection- how would any body act with that much foreign substance in their body?

And so on it goes- wild fires are wonderful- let it burn!! Oh, and when Yellow Stone Park gets destroyed just put up a museum right away to propagandize the public about all the wonderful wild flowers they now have!! Don't let anyone think about what the runoff will do to the streams or all the wildlife habitat that has been destroyed- propagandize and cover for all the BAD SCIENCE OR NO SCIENCE AT ALL. We all have to have lightbulbs with mercury now for the junk science that says carbons are causing global warming- only theory- no hard science to prove the relationship.

There is really not enough space here to put down all the lies and distortions of leftist "science", but this blog is about the schools, do you really think these people should be writing your child's textbooks? Does anyone think these distortion artists should be given the power to determine what KNOWLEDGE the children of America will learn? Will our children learn ANY VALID KNOWLEDGE when these people are responsible for the National Curriculum called Common Core?

You know it's not just in science that they lie and distort. We see broken lives everyday of people who listened to liberal class warfare garbage. Thank goodness the Senate rejected the nomination of Debo Adegebile to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights division.He worked to commute the sentence of Mumia Abu-Jamal who killed a policeman. I think Al Sharpton and the NAACP are just as responsible. These groups distort and teach children hatred. I remember when the Black Panthers came up with the name "pig" for policeman. I remember when Al Sharpton accused a bunch of Hockey Players of being rapists and the whole thing was found to be completely false. People learn hatreds and attitudes based on false information. The left has tried to rewrite our history, telling us that Abraham Lincoln had mental illness or President Eisenhower was biracial. I'm sure I couldn't cover all the lies and distortions here, but America will never be free and righteous again until we stop the lies and require proof.

Our children need to get excellent educations in school. They need to learn the crime of FALSIFYING DATA. They need to have REAL BEST TEACHING PRACTICES AND REAL DATA TO BACK UP THE INFORMATION THEY ARE BEING TAUGHT. We can start by holding all of these liberals accountable for everything they try to dump on us. Question, question, question and NEVER accept anything they say without the PROOF!!

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  1. Anyone who disagrees with a liberal is called a "science denier".

    Well, if it's JUNK SCIENCE they are selling, call me a denier!

    I'm worried about Common Core, with their de-emphasis on facts. They will expect students to decide what the right questions are, decide what the politically correct answers are, and call it a day. How's that for science?

    Tom - Rockin' On the Right Side

    Good article,