Friday, 29 August 2014


Well, the first thing you have to do if you want to destroy a powerful nation is to destroy its CULTURE, this includes its religions , traditions, and languages. You do this by undermining the peoples beliefs. This you can do by changing school curriculums to teach the children to question their countries beliefs and founding. You have to look no farther than the current Common Core "Next Generation Standards" for history to see how America is being destroyed. Teachers who teach real facts and events are dismissed, those that "evaluate the accuracy of current and previous schools of historical interpretation to develop a personal philosophy of the past" are promoted.

America has sat by while actual communists and radical murderers like Bill Ayers were hired to teach their children in colleges across the nation. We, as a nation, believe in free thought and speech, we are extremely tolerant, so we were easy game. But the Communists that wanted to destroy this country were not satisfied with just taking over the colleges, it must not have been working WELL ENOUGH, so they had to centralize and take over every little school in America- voila- Common Core.

One high school history assignment from StudySync, a private corporation that provides teachers with "assistance" for Common Core requirements, requires students to offer a critical response to Ronald Reagan's address to the students at Moscow University. They must argue in 300 words why Reagan's speech was ineffective and/or false. They must cite specific points and arguments from Reagan's speech and offer counterarguments against each. This is teaching liberalism folks. This is teaching children to question free markets and freedom. And I do say children, high school students are not adults. They aren't old enough to drink but, according to Common Core ,they are old enough to be propagandized AGAINST their country and what it stands for. Is anyone surprised that American children are joining the terrorists in their fight for an Islamic Caliphate?

 If you want to have a strong country you must fight for the right to teach your children to love it. That's called patriotism and loyalty to your country. That's why we say the Pledge of Allegiance and have a national anthem. People have the right to raise their children as they choose, but do they have the right to use our public schools to teach children to criticize and ultimately not believe in their own country? Do they have the right to lie and obfuscate information, telling children that slavery was the defining character of our founding fathers when children probably don't know that slavery was almost universal at that time and our constitution was written to end slavery within 20 years, because they couldn't end it immediately? Do they teach children that we are the only country that fought a civil war to end slavery, that white men died to free their Black brothers and sisters? Meanwhile, are our children being taught about the wonder of the first nation to define universal human rights FROM GOD? Are they taught about our leadership of the free world that  stopped Hitler, a brutal dictator, and freed the Jews from concentration camps?

Students are taught about the internment of the Japanese here. This was obviously an overreaction to the Japanese attack, it was wrong and unfair. But the children are not carefully taught THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND WHAT HAPPENED IN AMERICA. Disloyalty against our nation could not be taught better in our public schools if it was taught by any of our enemies, including the Communists from Russia.

And let us be clear about the so called "Communists"- these are brutal dictators not altruistic Marxists that make everything fair- Marx's ideology has never worked anywhere, anytime.

America is a nation of immigrants so it is doubly important to teach our culture and our ideas to our young. America needs to stand up to Howard Zinn and his shaming of America- this man writes textbooks!! America has laid down for a long time and allowed our enemies to freely try to destroy us, from taking away our right to use our natural resources to actually destroying our forests with fires, to destroying our American spirit with drugs and dependency programs, to destroying our national beliefs.

Our last chance to fight back, the last battle for our country, might be right here, right now, in our public schools.People come to America from all over the world because of our ideas, our ideas of freedom that have built a prosperous, safe, and free America that believes in the rights of the individual. We MUST DEMAND THAT THE TRUTH ABOUT AMERICA'S SUCCESS BE TAUGHT TO OUR CHILDREN. We no longer have the luxury of sitting by, we must fight back and stop our enemies, we must keep our enemies out of the White House. We must vote for people who ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN AND LOVE OUR COUNTRY. We must stop this DESTRUCTION OF A POWERFUL NATION- ours.

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