Friday, 19 August 2011


I just can't stop thinking about the man who is so excited to find more students to give free food to- WHETHER THEY NEED IT OR NOT-at school. He was at the last School Board meeting as I reported on this blog.

When did we become a nation that looks for poverty and celebrates it instead of trying to end it as in Lyndon Johnson's "War on Poverty"? Where would this poor man's business for free food in the schools be if suddenly people could provide their own food ? Have we become a society that thrives on dependency instead of the hard working independent and FREE rugged individual? Are we teaching our children in school to thrive on dependency and to be proud of it? What ARE we teaching our children? What future do we have in mind for them?

Since the "War on Poverty" our nation has become a nation of addictions- drugs, alcohol, gambling, hoarding, prescription drugs. We had addictions before, but not like this- as far as I know, Meth wasn't even invented then. As we know, addicted people become dependent people more often then not. Unwed pregnancies have soared in this new era where waiting for marriage to have sex is almost unheard of. As we know, unwed pregnancies often lead to dependency. Is our new vision of freedom, which we are now teaching our children anarchy, Moral relativism that lacks dignity, integrity, modesty, and respect? While THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT minutely tries to regulate every thought and family value are they encouraging anarchy in this regulated society so that all the morals of yore are gone and the government is the answer for everything?

Having good schools and good moral upbringing is not really hard. Children and teachers are given the essential tools and students are taught discipline and respect by example, word and deed. Kind of like the old days when we had good scores and Montana was at the top in national academic testing.

There is so much to be excited about in the coming generations if we truly want America to succeed. Brain research is amazing, there's a lot more to learn but just think how are schools could be. Instead of spending time on social engineering for every special interest group like the gays and the socialists we could just spend our time teaching well. Then those students who had learning disabilities could have classes with real specialists that worked with them to overcome or adapt and unleash their real potentials, which are very great.

Instead of looking to the convoluted federal government we could simplify and do what works. We could teach achievement and independence. We could believe in ourselves, in America , in the future that we can make for ourselves instead of wallowing in every deficiency and allowing the deficiencies to control us and rob us of our destiny- our future. Instead of free everything (which is going away anyway as this nation and the world grapple with debt they can't pay) the rich the poor and everyone in between could find the pride and joy they once had of caring for themselves, of not believing because they are poor they can't find their own way, trumpeting America's greatness instead of her mistakes,the same mistakes that every society in the world has made.This vision can come true rather easily. It's up to us to stand up and give the federal government their PINK SLIP!

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