Sunday, 28 August 2011


     Perhaps you thought, as I once did, that the cold war was over and that Marxism had been sent to the dust bin of history as a totally failed idea. Well, not really. The Marxists are alive and well in America and are working in our schools to undermine our culture and way of life and replace capitalism with Marxism.

Personally I became shockingly aware of this after the Clinton's were elected in the early nineties and Goals 2000 was introduced into our schools by way of the "STRATEGIC PLAN". It's strategic alright. I was teaching at the time and what I saw was very frightening. I read about the gardens and the buddy programs and the community service. I saw how we weren't even allowed to say the word Christmas or sing Christmas carols. How patriotism was considered passe' at best and militaristic at worst. Everything was collectivism and social justice. I realized their goal was one world socialism but I have recently found out that at least some of the players want "International revolutionary COMMUNISM". Is there a difference?

The recent American Spectator magazine, September 2011 issue has an article on the "Ayers Gang". That would be Ayers as in Bill Ayers member of the Students For A Democratic Society(SDS) who bombed and killed people in the 1960's . After he and his wife, also a terrorist SDS member looking for violent over throw of the American Government, came out of hiding, Richard Daley, Cook County state's attorney let Ayers off with a slap on the wrist. The evidence against him was  unconstitutional because of illegal wiretaps (boy they sure like that old constitution when they get in a pickle, I can tell you the communist countries I visited in the 70's did not worry about illegal wiretaps!).But Bill still likes communism best, he's an unrepentant communist revolutionary- but he has a new angle.

In 1987 Bill found a job at the University of Illinois at Chicago teaching education. According to a report in the CITY JOURNAL he dreamed of bringing the revolution from the streets to the schools. " HE MADE NO BONES ABOUT THE FACT THAT SCHOOL REFORM WAS JUST A VEHICLE FOR TEACHING THE KIDS REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNISM". Ayers was elected Vice President for Curriculum Studies at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) where he would have considerable say as to what went into teacher-training manuals for colleges and  public schools.

Ayers, as you may know, has considerable association with Barack Obama going back to the late 80's when he reappeared in Chicago. In fact, in 1995 Bill Ayers and his wife\accomplice hosted a party for Barrack when he announced his candidacy for the Illinois state senate.

It's always just so much easier to put our heads in the sand and hope things get better. In my view no one who has any sense can put their head in the sand at this point . I saw this happening along time ago and I'm hoping others who do not want Capitalism in America replaced with Marxism will join with me to stop it.

Helena had a chance to replace at least a few school board members in the last election. It's time to get this done while we still have the right to speak and write about it . We still have the vote. We still can stop this train wreck that is propagandizing our children, taking away our freedoms and bankrupting this nation.


  1. So Bill Ayers is running for the Helena School Board?

  2. Unfortunately Bill Ayers is running our local schools through federal grants. This can be changed by voting in school board members that stop voting in federal grants to our schools.