Saturday, 17 November 2012


I've been in California recently visiting relatives. I happened to be telling my cousin's husband about all the unsupportable and ridiculous claims that the Common Core folks say about the program and he said "Yes, Marketing for sales". He is right. The socialists are MARKETING to the American people.Republicans don't market- they just tell the truth and think common sense and truth will win the day. Common sense and truth have a hard road to follow when their competition is devious and masterful with MARKETING.

Who doesn't want children ready for the 21st century? Who doesn't want their child college and career ready? Who doesn't want their child to be creative and a "higher level thinker"? All of this sounds wonderful, like the $19.99 specials you're supposed to call in for on the television. The thing is, like those ads, the Socialists are just selling another social teaching program that will have none of the startling results they are claiming. If they have any trial at all of this program it was the Clinton's program in the 90's that had collaborative learning and was going to bring up graduation rates and teach "higher level thinking". If it worked why do we have a new program with exactly the same claims? I can tell you Goals 2000 DID NOT WORK!! Graduation rates are much worse- they were at 17% of kids dropping out and have gone to 25% of kids dropping out since Goals 2000.

The socialists have been trying to fix schools and society to their liking since the 60's and they are colossal failures from school drop out rates and achievement scores to poverty. As someone pointed out once, the Communists are much better at subterfuge than they are at governing. My cousin's daughter asked me the question we all ask "WHERE IS ALL THIS COMING FROM??"That's the subterfuge part- I told her about the clever idea of socialists to have the National Governors Association and State School Chiefs Councils dictate this- eliminating the need for our actual representatives in the legislatures. BUT WHO PUT THEM UP TO THIS?? Basically it is the Federal Department of Education Bureaucrats working with people like Bill Ayers and the U.N.

If you've seen the movie Agenda you know the communists decided on the slow take over from within approach. They took over the Democrat party and all the media communications from Hollywood and Newspapers to publishing houses. That's why when Katrina hit in Louisiana it was George Bushes fault but when Sandy hit in New York and New Jersey, which is a terrible disaster, it is not Obama's fail at all!! He's a hero!!Do you see how it works? They tell you how it is and enough of the people believe it to keep them in power.How long can they hide the truth? How long can their clever psychological manipulations keep you under control? I don't know- they already have to raise taxes- the people living out the Roman Circus scenario will start to feel THAT. Kruschev said that the soviets would spoon feed socialism to the Americans until one day they would wake up and be Communists without realizing what happened.

The last election was the most disastrous that has ever happened in this country. I don't know if we can find our way back, but I know for sure that America will fail financially- they can only patch the leaking ship with taxes for awhile- THEY ARE OUT OF MONEY.Maybe the clever socialist MARKETING will finally break down at this point and the people will still have enough power left to go back to freedom.

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  1. But Wait! Buy now, and get TWO social programs, for the price of ONE! (Just pay extra shipping and handling).

    Another very insightful post, Barbara.

    The thing that I think is strange is that the marketing is all aimed at the teachers. To this point (in Montana anyway) parents have not been involved or informed at all. It has been pretty much a total secret. Some schools are starting to send out trial balloons to the community, but most are just soldiering on, knowing that nobody has any choice about the matter anyway.

    One teacher at a recent local Common Core meeting said "We just re-wrote our curriculum guides a few years ago. What is the next program going to be, five years from now?"