Monday, 26 November 2012


Here's a truth for you. Every program that has sent our country to the brink of insolvency was promoted and propagandized for by the liberal left socialist communists.That's right. Not one of the programs, not some of the programs, ALL OF THEM! Whether it's Medicare or Medicaid or Social Security or Habitat for Humanity or Head Start or Food Stamps or Food Share or The Endowment to the Humanities or the Endowment to the Arts or the Education Department or any other Federal Government imposed socialist program- THE LEFT DID IT.Socialism always goes broke so here we are. A few more taxes on the "middle class" or on the "rich" is not going to fix this.

Here's another truth- the liberal left has managed to undermine fair elections that people can trust. Cayoga County in Ohio didn't have one vote for Romney in the last election. How could that be? There were counties in Florida and Pennsylvania that came up with the same results. The liberal left motor voter law registers people whether they're a citizen or not. People are registered on the street by untrained volunteers- who knows who's being registered and who is ultimately voting those ballots? Patty Murray from King County Washington, who is now head of the budget committee in the Senate, is another fraud who got her position by cheating- they counted the ballots over and over and kept adding absentee ballots until she came out on top- a lot like Al Franken in Minnesota who took Norm Coleman's seat.I'm not sure what you can do when the vote has been compromised. I guess the people who are compromising the vote will stay in power and continue to control the justice department so that nothing is investigated.

Here's another truth. Little children don't do "higher level thinking skills" and "critical thinking" as the new Common Core curriculum says it is going to teach. Why don't they do this, and why can't they be taught this? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LITTLE ADULTS- THEY ARE CHILDREN AND HAVE A CHILD's INTELLECTUAL CAPACITY.I had a rather amusing example of this a few weekends ago while visiting my sister. My little niece ( who read the book Little Women to me in second grade with stunning fluency and expression), set the table for dinner.When we sat down to eat three of us had napkins. We asked her why only three of us had napkins and she said "Well, there were only three napkins in the napkin holder". Of course she could have gotten more out of the package in the cupboard-. I thought about all the critical thinking the little 9 and 10 year olds will supposedly be doing under Common Core and I had to laugh. But it's not funny- what the liberal left will really be doing is propagandizing your children,because as we all know, children mimic and model adult opinions.

The liberal left are very clever at propaganda. It's time for the right to fire back- to get the truth out- to not be cowed by all the lying.


  1. Ahhh... I don't know how to break this to you Mrs. Rush but your wrong
    1.There is no Cayoga county in Ohio there is a Cayuga in New York and Romeny Lost only by 5% of the vote in that county
    2. the place you are actually talking about is Philadelphia were 59 districts had no Romney votes - that however is not very surprising given that all of those districts have over 80% of self id-ed democrats living there and it stand to reason (and with in political theory) that a total wash could occur there because of the apathy of republican voters in those districts, if there are any (in some of those districts there were none)
    3. Umm... Gorge Bush expanded the National Endowment for the Arts Program through several grant programs
    4. And you can just post an answer to this you don't even have too post my comment(which we both know you won't) why is thinking critically a bad thing, and how about the reasoning you seem to be ignore about ComCore that its to build up the skill necessary to be able to think critically when your in high school (and some middle school)

  2. The county in Ohio is Cayahuga. They did have districts that had no votes for Romney. I don't think you ever have one candidate getting 100% of the vote without voter manipulation. Sometimes liberals talk conservatives into supporting their stuff- the programs still belong to the liberals who are working to undermine and destroy this country.