Thursday, 29 November 2012


Have you noticed that some people have no fear? They have no fear of overarching government that may take away their freedoms or their property. No fear of totalitarian government at all. I think it's quite astonishing.

I remember when I taught and the Federal Government was intruding more and more into academic freedom- most of the teachers just went along- some even helped!! They had no fear of government control, overreach or propaganda. WOW. I guess maybe they'd never been to those countries that were "liberated for the people". Those countries have big statues of their "liberators" in the town square.I remember going to these Communist countries and being shocked that these people who lived under total dictatorial rule were being told they had been "liberated".Actually, there are really only two types of government- freedom or dictatorship. All these "do gooders" are really control mongers that will gladly give up freedoms because they think they are smarter, know better than the average Joe, and they will use government power to make things right. Too often even Republicans think they can use government to "make things right"- no matter how many times the same Federal programs fail- they keep thinking "a little more will do ya".Our schools are turning into propaganda centers for political agendas- garnering support for government controls just like they did in the old Soviet Union- and as every dictatorship does.

How blithely and easily the public will give away their freedoms.Instead of being taught how to be free the children in school today are being taught how to be dependent.Have breakfast, lunch and dinner free at school- depend on the school for everything- healthcare, daycare, mental healthcare, evening homework help, food for the weekend. Be weak and dependent- you can't make it through a morning without the water bottle at your side(which requires frequent visits to the bathroom of course) and snacks.Don't believe you can work independently and accomplish things on your own- rely on the collective- which of course tells you what to think too.

People who voted for Obama just put the blinders on and accept that the Federal Government will control their schools, their healthcare, their cities ,counties and states, the food they eat the car they drive and how they raise their children.Even how they sit in their car (seat belts), how much water comes out of their shower and what they will pay for energy. They just give up any idea of controlling their own lives and economies. Of course, the government hasn't started nationalizing property on a massive scale YET.They do force people to sell property they want though.I often wonder how bad it will have to get before some people realize what is happening. The Federal government even controls curbs and streets through their grants.

Have you noticed how in dictatorships the people who support the government become rich elitists? I was amazed to see the multi-million dollar mansions that the Chinese Communists are buying here in America. Yes, the "Peoples Republic" has the actual people working in sweatshops 14 hours a day for almost no money and living in little cubicles at night- while the "liberators" live in multi- million dollar mansions!!Is this like the Obama's living like millionaires with Michelle's multi-thousand dollar outfits and vacations in Martha's Vineyard and the Taj Mahal hotel in India ( we paid for 1,500 guests!!)?How did a community organizer get so rich so fast?

People are the same everywhere- they want power and money.Our founding fathers gave us an ingenious system to protect us from these greedy power mongers- to protect us from becoming "The People's Republic" with elitist dictatorial "liberators". Sometimes fear is a good thing- it means you're awake and facing realities. Let's hope some of us find the fear before it's too late for all of us.

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