Monday, 5 November 2012


As I have noted on this blog earlier- elections have consequences- and we have a big election facing us tomorrow.The simple truth is that there are two visions- one would enslave us to the government, one would free us and give us responsibility for our own lives. We have lived under the second alternative for most of the years of our republic, but President Obama has worked his parties agenda of change on our country- massive government, massive debt, massive regulations, take over of businesses and health care and schools and children and families.This is the vision that the bureaucratic state- the experts- are the ones that should manage you and your families-because you can't do it for yourself. You NEED daycare at school and food programs at school and health care at school and mental health care at school- you are an incompetent fool that can't solve your own problems or raise your own children. You need home visits and records kept on you and your children too. The "experts" must keep track of their charges.That's the view. And by the way- the leaders of the experts become the elite that hang out at Martha's Vineyard and take trips to India on the public dime (Think Obama) and are oh so proud of being the "rich"- you paid for that.

Common Core is a massive disaster waiting to happen and it will cost tens of billions of dollars nationwide. The "experts" want you to think they know the future and are preparing your children to be "college and career" ready. That's why they made the architect of this disastrous common plan,David Coleman, the president of the Scholastic Achievement Test Board (the one you take to get into college)- now he can determine who is qualified for college!! That's like failing with one teacher and getting a teacher who's easy the next year and becoming an A student! The architect of the plan will decide if he is successful!! The students will definitely not be better prepared but David can just determine who he wants to succeed!!These tests have open ended questions and projects- another words they are assessed subjectively. Common Core does not believe in fill in the dot tests that determine only if you know the facts.

If you vote for the "management" plan, don't think you'll get something for nothing. If you haven't heard the bad news yet, let me break it to you, our country is BROKE!!There are not enough taxes to pay our debts- even if you took ALL the money the rich have- we'd still be broke. We have 16 trillion dollars in debt and this is increasing by 3 billion dollars a day. The end is coming. Europe is a broken state and the American Socialists (Obama) are trying to mimic them- taking a successful nation and turning it to failure chasing the European Socialist fantasy.WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU TAKE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL NATION ON THIS EARTH AND DESTROY IT TRYING TO BE LIKE FAILED SOCIALIST STATES?? I for one do not want to live like the people in Cuba or China or Russia or Venezuela or Europe, so I'm voting for Romney.

Common Core is an attempt to educate our children to live in a world where we're "all in it together"- the old village idea. These children will not have loyalties to the American traditions of freedom and individualism. They will spend their school days doing collaborative projects and then spend their lives never getting out of the collaborative projects as they wait for someone else to do the work and tell them what to do or care for them.This is not a way forward for America and it most definitely is not the way to deliver good education. I hope God still protects the U.S.A because we are in real trouble here. Have you seen the idiotic smiles of those Obama supporters that stand behind him as he speaks? Do you wonder what in the world they are thinking? Are they thinking at all? I wonder if they've seen an unborn child's sonogram lately.We're having our first grandchild in March and at 10 weeks we counted the fingers.Two visions- one believes in killing the unborn and using government to redistribute wealth and manage your life. A vision that rejects our founding fathers and the constitution this wonderful country was founded on.A vision that has a spokesman that is a philandering lying pig that, as president, was impeached (Clinton), that makes aspersions on the most upright decent family man you will find in politics(Romney)- and of course has NOTHING to back those aspersions up. I hope you vote for our country and not their agendas.

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