Monday, 25 March 2013


The Common Core advocates- mostly people who see they can make a buck off of it- have said a lot of ridiculous things, but one thing in particular really makes me want to throw a hissy fit!! Saying it doesn't cost money is a new one (can you even believe they'd try that one!!), saying it's local control is too ridiculous for comment, calling me insane because I don't agree with them is just par for the course- but saying that this program will make clear what we are teaching children is too much ,and then the topper, CHILDREN DON'T NEED TO LEARN FACTS!!

You know, it's certainly not the first time I've heard this one- but every time I hear it, it just makes my blood boil.The Hippies have been deriding knowing facts for a very long time. They like free school, challenge authority type stuff- counter culture. They sneer at children learning facts!But hold on a minute- how do you ever know anything if you don't know any facts!! Isn't it just an amazing coincidence that not learning facts is in Common Core? Yes, it's higher level thinking all the way.Just what we need for the 21st century, a bunch of dummies who can be led by the nose because they don't know anything!! That's one way to get what you want- just dumb down the crowd and they'll go along with whatever you say!! God Bless America- what a future for us.

I remember when Al Gore came out with his movie "Inconvenient Truth"- my,my, all the glaciers were melting- we must have global warming!! But now wait a minute- the glaciers have always melted in the spring- that's what happens in the spring- ice melts!! Now, if you didn't know that the glaciers melt every year in Alaska you might just believe this propaganda.

Schooling is for the most part building a foundation of knowledge. THAT MEANS LEARNING FACTS FOLKS!! I remember in the early nineties when the federal government, under Bill Clinton, made their first attempt to completely control education (they lied about it then too- they were "state standards"!!). The program was called Goals 2000. Our assistant superintendent was giving us all this garbage that kids didn't need to learn math facts- they should learn mental math!! I remember trying to explain to him that if you don't know math facts you can't think about or discuss math at all. You couldn't even figure out how much cupcakes would cost for a party, and if you had enough money, while you were driving. You couldn't talk to someone at a cocktail party about fencing the perimeter of your yard or how much grass you might need for the area. You just wouldn't know math.

I remember a story from my college days. The United States had sent tractors to Africa. They showed the local farmers how to drive the machines and they were very happy, but when the Americans came back ten years later the tractors were left in the fields rusting. Apparently, when they ran out of gas these people thought they were broken!! They didn't have the FACTS. They didn't know that combustion engines run on gas. This is lack of education- you can sit and higher level think all you want, but if you don't know the facts, you don't know ANYTHING!!

You can not read for information if you don't have any. You can't understand an article on physics if you don't know ANYTHING
about physics. In fact, if you didn't learn a whole lot of facts, you couldn't read at all. It makes my blood boil to think that these Common Core advocates are calling dumbing down education rigor!! And as for "making what children need to learn clear" don't make me throw up- every parent and person out there knows that children learn letter sounds and blending them into words first and then larger words and reading paragraphs and numbers and counting and number facts and telling time and counting money and every other darn thing down to American Government as seniors in high school. A message to the Common Core bozos- American education knows very well what they are teaching- we don't need clarification from Common Core bureaucrats!!

I just hope the American parents don't walk slowly and silently to this slaughter. Common Core advocates are ADMITTING

Group testing, which lets smarter children do answers for children who may not be as capable, is not better test scores- it's a manipulation.Our kids need a fountain of information today- more than they ever did before, in this day of technology.They need to learn to read early and well. They need to learn to work on THEIR OWN. They need a work ethic and discipline that will send them to the heights of information! What the Common Core liars are doing to America is a tragedy- please don't let them!!!

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