Monday, 11 March 2013


Have any of you been watching that program on the History Channel called "The Bible"? We were watching it last night- an excellent show- and as I sat down to write I thought of David and Goliath. I feel like David with that sling shot- here I am- just little me- flinging that rock at GLOBAL GOVERNANCE!! You don't have to wonder if GLOBAL GOVERNANCE will be corrupt and self serving- it already is.You don't have to make excuses that GLOBAL GOVERNANCE will be benign, because it is already striving for dictatorial control. People have been trying to control the world since the beginning of time and this is just a new group called the United Nations.The United Nations is a bunch of very corrupt bureaucrats mostly from very corrupt small countries with dictatorships around the world.If you think they're interested in preserving the constitution of the United States- I will tell you they DEFINITELY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FREEDOM. What do they want? They want what all dictators want- POWER AND MONEY!!These people from third world countries are making a FORTUNE working for the United Nations- what a deal!! They have immunities and private cars and expense accounts to travel around and go to "conferences"- in most cases at exotic vacation spots. They are drunk with all this privilege- and drunk on power. I used to see those signs that said "GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS" and I thought the people putting those signs up were a little nuts- but hello- I get it now. Let's talk about how the United Nations has put its' graspy greedy hand of totalitarianism into our schools.

I was saddened, but not really shocked, to learn that BILL GATES, THROUGH HIS COMPANY MICROSOFT, SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH THE UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC, AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION IN 2004 TO CREATE A GLOBAL EDUCATION SYSTEM!!!! To date Bill Gates has paid $173 million dollars to create and promote COMMON CORE. How did we get to the place where two bit dictatorships are directing education in America?Why would Bill Gates jump on this bandwagon? I have the answer to both but let's start with how we got here.

I had the privilege to talk to some really smart and wonderful Montana legislators the other night.They told me how it all came down.The people pushing Common Core (Bill Gates) invited them to conferences on "school choice". School choice has been a goal of the conservatives for a long time so why wouldn't they go to these conferences? After going to several conferences and encouraging others to go to the conferences (The Family Foundation even got in on this), the Common Core bureaucrats lowered the boom on what Common Core REALLY was all about at a conference last summer. The conservatives sat quietly, stunned and uncomfortable.Common Core is a master stroke of deceit.The State School Boards across the country had already been manipulated into voting for mandates for Common Core.In Montana, and probably in other states, THE STATE SCHOOL BOARD ACTED IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW.The State School Board is not allowed to make mandates that will cost money when the legislature is not in session.They also are REQUIRED to hold public meetings. Did you get invited to public meetings? Did you see any postings of public meetings on Common Core? I'm sure you didn't because there weren't any. All the meetings that were held were professional meetings ( I have the log).Suddenly bureaucrats from the Office of Public Instruction are standing up at the legislature and saying that "46 states" have accepted Common Core- REALLY? These states legislatures DID NOT vote for Common Core- their Governors did not sign a bill for Common Core- NO-unelected State School Board BUREAUCRATS did a power grab and MANDATED Common Core.Communists have always been liars, cheats and manipulators and they are good at it. Here we are- and by the way- we haven't seen any of these Common Core advocates testifying FOR SCHOOL CHOICE- that was all a come on.As for Bill Gates- I can tell you about him in a sentence- he thinks he's going to get in on all those billions going to Common Core implementation and testing- it's all on computers folks.

Common Core is a huge experiment and takes away freedom from our schools. It is not a good curriculum and was developed by Washington bureaucrats. GET US OUT OF COMMON CORE AND GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS!!Global Governance is dictatorship- don't let anyone tell you that there is something new under the sun- there isn't.

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