Monday, 18 March 2013


The liberals like to call themselves "progressives" these days, but what have they really created, progress or decadence?
Is the policy that allows girls that are pregnant, and showing, to go to school and parade around proudly unmarried, in front of the other CHILDREN,progress? I don't think it's progress, I think it's a decadent society that has no control over sexual mores. Our children are growing up in the sexually liberated world of these so called "progressives". We used to have sexual restraint and modesty in our society. Television shows couldn't even show bathrooms, now they have sex toy and viagra commercials.CHILDREN in high school are not ashamed of having sex and getting pregnant, no wonder CHILDREN having sex has become the norm.If this is progress I say no thanks to these "progressives".

At the recent school board meeting here in Helena we got a demonstration of drug dogs which will be put in our schools next year- of course they discussed that even the little ELEMENTARY CHILDREN will have to leave their studies to see an assembly about DRUG DOGS!! Gee- I wonder why the kids aren't learning anything? But back to the drug dogs, this is in addition to the cameras and the "resource officers" on campus (Theses are POLICE on campus). We never want to use the actual words- that's one thing "progressives" are very good at- raising your TAXES is "revenue" and government SPENDING is "investment". So this is where the "progressives" have brought us- dogs, police, and cameras at school. THIS IS PROGRESS?

How are they doing with academics? Well,the Wall Street Journal reports that the 2008 report "Still At Risk" by Frederick Hess found that 25% of 17 year olds surveyed nationwide could not identify Adolf Hitler!!! More than 25% believed Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World after 1750!!! Forty percent could not place World War I as occurring between 1900 and 1950!!! Nearly 40% did not know what the Renaissance was!!! Is this "progress" or DECADENCE?

WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR SOCIETY WITH THESE SO CALLED "progressives" in charge? I hear the vagrants are suing the city of New York for the right to hang out on the streets and do what they want.Is this "progress"? The president has told us that we are "not a super power" anymore- the world has changed. REALLY? IS THIS LEADERSHIP FOR STRENGTH OR WEAKNESS? What kind of a world will we live in if the "progressives" have their way and America is no longer a beacon for freedom in the world?

The next time you vote think about a world where there is fiscal discipline and common sense. A world where there are morals and restraint and children can get decent leadership and a REAL EDUCATION.Vote for your country and its' children. Vote for a future that will make us strong and safe. The liberals have NOT LED US TO PROGRESS, they have led us to DECADENCE. AND DON'T GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT- THE REPUBLICANS DID THAT. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WAS CREATED FOR THAT PURPOSE. LINCOLN LED THE CIVIL WAR- HE WAS THE FIRST REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT. THE REPUBLICANS PASSED THE 14th AMENDMENT IN SPITE OF DEMOCRAT OPPOSITION.

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  1. Barbara, you have a unique way of cutting right through the BS and getting down to the real nitty gritty. Bravo.