Friday, 29 March 2013


I think it's about time that the people who actually believe in America and want it to PROGRESS start taking the title "PROGRESSIVE". Doubling the deficit and causing everyone to pay more for healthcare is not "PROGRESS".Making our country so weak that we have to hitch rides to the space station from the Russians and have the North Koreans setting up to launch rockets at us is not PROGRESS.Destroying our social culture and defining freedom as licentiousness is not PROGRESS.

This country has had about all the "PROGRESS" it can take from these counter culture anti-patriots. It's time that the TRUE PROGRESSIVES take the reigns and start working to return this country to its' former years of wealth and strength and glory.The anti-patriots that call themselves "PROGRESSIVES" have turned a once strong American character into one that is lazy and more than willing to jump into victim status in many cases. I was at a hastily called school meeting here in Helena, because our school district has been so busy following the anti-patriot Washington bureaucrats that they haven't taken care of our buildings,and there were people there more concerned about whether their children would continue to RECEIVE BREAKFAST than if the buildings were falling down!! I can tell you clearly it wasn't because they didn't have food- it was because they didn't want to make breakfast!! They can just dress the kid and send them off- the TEACHER HAS TO DO THE JOB OF PARENTING- BEGGING THE KID TO FINISH BREAKFAST AND CLEAN UP IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME- INSTEAD OF TEACHING!! I can just see the teacher begging the slow ones to please finish ( Do you remember the times when your kids were slow to eat and it was time to go to school?), now the parent doesn't have to have the hassle of this- just let the teacher do it. And you can bet if the teacher tries to hurry it along so he/she can teach, the child will go home and complain to their parents and the teacher will hear about it!! This is misplaced dependency that is not good for anyone. This is misplaced dependency that is eroding American character and eroding academic achievement by taking away the time students should be LEARNING and teachers should be TEACHING.This is definitely not PROGRESS!!

The anti-patriots have been very clever in developing constituencies and pitting Americans one against another. In Helena our schools are at the breaking point and yet the anti-patriots will get their candidates who caused all this, elected every time. The people voting for them rarely know the true state of the schools, and even if they do know, they will still vote for their anti-patriot friends.Did you ever think a president could get reelected in the middle of a scandal when the economy was bad? It seems as if Obama could have been slaughtering people and he still would have gotten elected.

Here in Helena our school district is under "intensive assistance" from the Office of Public Instruction.We, in other words,will lose are accreditation if we don't shape up, because we have been non-compliant for so long. We are hiring social workers instead of credentialed school counselors. Even when we are under threat of losing accreditation, our superintendent, directed by the elected school board, will hire Success program counselors that do not meet the standards. We don't have the money in the budget to make new hires and yet we are hiring new hires that won't get us out of accreditation trouble!!The list goes on- building maintenance that is not done- maintenance bond money being spent ($250,000) to hire a firm to set up town halls to prepare the public for a new building program that the Helena School District had NO OPERATIONAL MONEY FOR,arbitrary hiring policy that tells a qualified applicant he can't apply for the job, hundreds of high school students walking out of class,seven out of eleven elementary schools and both middle schools unable to meet Adequate Yearly Progress in academics,having to close a school abruptly before normal school end of day time because it was so unstable it was dangerous,school buildings being used for federal programs like Head Start so that the children moved out of their school had to be misplaced to the middle school in some cases (all 5th graders and a 4th-5th Montessori). STILL- the anti-patriots will stand their ground.

Everyone can see that what the anti-patriots are doing in our country, in our cities and in our schools, is not creating progress. It is time for everyone to recognize what progress REALLY is and vote for candidates that REALLY believe in America and will get the job done to do due diligence in budgeting and every other common sense thing that will rebuild America.Vote for the true PROGRESSIVES, and have the counter culture types that don't believe in a strong America, call themselves what they really are- anti-patriots.

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