Thursday, 18 April 2013


When I hear the radical left that thinks the revolution starts in our schools- those people who do not love America or believe in the American dream, our grand experiment with freedom, or our constitution- say that "Common Core Standards" are not a curriculum, they are just "standards", it makes my teeth ache. Just HOW ignorant do they think or hope the American people are? They would like us to all be that dumb and that easily manipulated- and maybe they'll dumb down our curriculums until one day they can say anything they want and the people will go along- BUT THEY AREN'T THERE YET!!!

You don't have to TRAIN TEACHERS TO TEACH STANDARDS!! Standards are guidelines like the Carnegie Standards that had graduation requirements of so many units of math and english. STANDARDS DO NOT HAVE TESTS!!! STANDARDS DO NOT HAVE COMPUTER PROGRAMS TO TRACK STUDENT'S BEHAVIORS AND FAMILY BACKGROUND!!STANDARDS DO NOT TELL TEACHERS WHAT AND HOW TO TEACH!! If Common Core is "standards" I would like to know what a curriculum is!! Even the teacher's union in New York has come out against Common Core because it is evaluating their teachers on their students' performance on Common Core testing!! This is the Common Core plan for the nation and the world. Just how stupid does Bill Ayers think the American public REALLY is?

I have some news for Bill- WE'RE NOT THAT DUMB!! At a school board debate here last night one board member said it was O.K. that the new Common Core is getting rid of literature ( the great minds of the past like Cooper, Hemingway and Melville) because they will be teaching the students how to read operational manuals!! REALLY?? Are our children just to be seen as the workers of tomorrow? Maybe this rich lady needs workers to read manuals so they can take care of her property and mow her lawn!!

Our children are the great minds of tomorrow- not a bunch of dummies to be behavior modified and social engineered. Our children will build a new future not follow the socialist demise into the destruction of a great nation and a great culture. Unfortunately for Bill Ayers and his friends at the U.N., Americans are not that dumb,and we will raise our own children and live our own lives exactly as we see fit without their help at all. We see exactly what they are doing-and the more they say LOCAL CONTROL the madder we get.

One board member at the debate explained "Common Core is local control because we get to fit our ideas into it". SERIOUSLY?? Are we supposed to be thankful that we can pick our own version of what they are telling us to do?? How do you have any input at all when you have to teach to a test- and that test has 40% open ended collaborative project oriented questions?? THEY ARE NOT ONLY TELLING THE TEACHERS WHAT TO TEACH, THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE THEM TO TEACH IN COLLABORATIVE GROUPS!!

The people that wrote Common Core are FASCISTS. They don't realize it, but the definition of Fascism is to be so convinced that you are right that you feel you have the right to use whatever means necessary to force others to do your bidding. We still have America and they won't be using firing squads or concentration camps any time soon I hope- but they are certainly being sneaky, deceptive and manipulative. They are certainly putting our schools in America in a straightjacket of their bidding. Who in the world ever made them God? Why do they think they know better than anyone else how to raise and educate our children? AMERICA IS NOT THAT DUMB- THE NEXT TIME YOU HEAR THEM SAY "COMMON CORE IS ONLY STANDARDS"- ASK THEM WHAT A CURRICULUM IS!! Long live America and long live freedom. They don't get to have our kids.

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