Thursday, 4 April 2013


I was watching the "Huckabee" show on Fox News last Saturday- just kind of relaxing after a long day- and a young man came on with a woman- his mentor and friend. She first met him when he was eleven years old. His parents were drug addicts and he was panhandling on the streets of New York (so much for the compassionate left's wonderful social system they have arranged) anyway- the lady walked past him and then turned back- she'd never been panhandled by an eleven year old before. She took him for a hamburger and they became friends- meeting weekly. One day she asked him if he would like some lunch money to buy a lunch at school. He told her "No, I don't want your money. What I want is for you to make me a lunch in a paper bag. Those kids who have a lunch in a paper bag have someone who loves them that made that lunch for them."

I remembered how when I taught school parents would make lunches for kids and do cute things like put a little note inside or cut the sandwich with cookie cutters so that they would have little stars and hearts. I remembered how my husband made my kids lunch every morning because he wanted them to be fresh. He even made lunches for my son when he was in college and home for the summer working an internship. When my son was invited out to lunch one day he said "No thanks, I'll just eat what my Dad has made for me"- that's love-that's families caring for each other. As usual, in the lefty world we live in, the majority has to give way for a minority- even one kid- whose parents don't fix lunch. EVERYONE has to accept school government lunches. Parents get trained to accept the school making not only lunch- but BREAKFAST TOO!! Think of all the love and family interaction that is taken away by these government programs that remove families from the children's lives.Many schools across the nation now serve breakfast (after the bell rings) and lunch, to all kids irregardless of their parents financial situation.

It's not just that this nation is broke, it's not just that these school meals contractors are so aggressively trying to grow their businesses, it's that these food contractors are doing these things with no regard for the destruction they are causing within our homes and society.I taught school for thirty years, many of them in poor districts, children were NOT STARVING. The left has taken up many causes to build power for themselves and food is one of them. Our counties used to have county welfare programs for the poor, and this seemed to work. No one would have dreamed that the government would cook and serve the food for you too!!

The left lives on many lies(often literally getting their income there) and one of them is that CHILDREN ARE HUNGRY.I'm sure somewhere there is a child that has addicted parents and our social welfare system has not removed the child yet, but in my experience, the children are not starving.

Let's let the parents go back to parenting and have the government do its' job- like defending us and balancing the budget.Let's have counties offer assistance to those in real need. Let's quit perpetrating lies for the object of gaining political support. Let's tell the left to quit using the poor. Let's let freedom ring as American families once again take over the job of providing food for their children. Let's let families once again build connections and love in their homes as they eat breakfast together and children eat lunches their parents made for them- like my kids did.As that wise 11 year old knew- there's a lot of love in those paper bags!!

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