Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I was just reading a book about "corrupt corporate cultures" and as I read about these cultures I realized that this is exactly what goes on in our Helena public schools- and I would bet my bank account that it is EXACTLY what goes on in school districts across the country.

In corrupt corporate cultures there is a lack of HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY that encourages people to be HONEST and to TELL THE TRUTH. Staff is rewarded for lying and punished for speaking the truth. We had an emergency at a school here and the teachers and staff had to publicly applaud the administration for handling the situation so well!! They had to applaud them over and over again at public meetings and in the paper for how well they handled the situation! The teachers and staff did not feel this way at all. They dared not speak their true feelings.You do not make changes for the better when staff are scared to death to say the truth or even to ask questions in most cases.We have a new superintendent and I can not say that he created this situation- it's been this way in our schools for a very long time- as long as I have known the schools here.As I said earlier- this situation is endemic in school culture - dare I say everywhere? Maybe there is a school district where people can speak freely and work together to solve actual problems- somewhere- but I don't know where that is.

Just think of what great schools we could have if we solved our own problems locally - real things like roofs and boilers and teacher's getting the time they need to teach and picking their own curriculums and books- solving real problems on the ground instead of following Federal grants and programs that try to be one size fits all- and aren't.

The true progressives need to stop Common Core, then they need to get rid of the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education.Our teachers and local professionals will then be FREE TO TEACH and to make decisions for their schools.Perhaps we can start a new day where there is honesty and professional respect.If we have a math program we like we could keep it - we wouldn't have to change with every new fad- like the "higher level thinking skills" in Common Core which are entirely inappropriate for very young minds. The man who wrote the new Common Core math was a college math teacher- so of course he didn't understand teaching small children. But, though he didn't know, the schools across America have to teach his curriculum and the teacher's are afraid to speak out.It's time to stop all of this.

Unchain America and our professionals in our schools will decide how to teach their children. The best schools and curriculums will sell the most. Competition to be the best schools will take over as our REAL PROGRESSIVES clean out bureaucracy and let America achieve once again.

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