Thursday, 11 April 2013


George Orwell was writing about 1984, but we are experiencing what he wrote about here in 2013. The new National Curriculum, Common Core, strives to change behaviors and make a perfect society where all children are equal. To do this they are removing children from their families and replacing their families with the state. The state will provide food, the state will provide health care, the state will provide daycare, the state will help children with their homework, the state will teach children their values, the state will provide mental health care. As one lady said in the news recently " We're getting away from all that private control and realizing that the children belong to all of us- to the community".

Are you willing to accept this? Common Core will have computers and a computer network to collect data on your children. This is not just academic data. Ultimately the state wants to determine who your child is from behavioral and family analysis and then direct him/her to the career they feel is appropriate. Since 40% of the questions on their Common Core tests will be subjective essay type group project answers- no child with a conservative viewpoint will pass 40% of the test unless they learn to go along. David Coleman, the architect of Common Core, is now the president of the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test). He will make the SATs Common Core compliant and keep your kids out of college if he can. This is what totalitarian states do- they control people.

What can you do about it? In Montana we can challenge the State Board of Education because they mandated this curriculum illegally.The architects of this insidious program knew it would not stand the light of day so they snuck it in in almost every state it got in - by using the state education boards instead of going to the legislature. They were so quiet about it that to this day many people do not know what Common Core is. There were no public meetings and no public debate. Our elected representatives were kept out of the loop. In Montana we are signing petitions to demand that our Attorney General do something about this. People have to demand action and not give in to this lawlessness. The Montana Board of Public Education mandated Common Core without an intervening legislature. THIS IS ILLEGAL FOLKS!! They also held only ten meetings about Common Core. They were all professional meetings. Four of the meetings were held in Helena leaving large cities like Missoula, Great Falls and Butte with no meetings at all. The meetings were not publicly noticed.THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETINGS. A small group of appointed individuals has set the bureaucracy in motion for a National Curriculum in Montana. These people count on you not being informed and not being involved. If America wants to keep its' freedom we have to be informed and involved.You can have rest or you can have freedom-you can't have both.

SB175 in Montana will provide money for Common Core. Contact all the members of the appropriations committee and tell them that Common Core has been mandated ILLEGALLY BY THE MONTANA BOARD OF PUBLIC EDUCATION and demand that they not fund it. This is thirty-six million dollars that will be wasted on a very destructive program that is entirely experimental. Oil monies should be put in a trust fund ,as coal monies are, so that they will be there for future generations.

The way to stop Common Core is to stop the mandate.There is no small group of people in Washington that is so smart that they know the best education for everyone or what the perfect personality should be like.Individuals who advocate for Common Core will say that "these are just standards!" NO THEY ARE NOT STANDARDS- STANDARDS ARE CARNEGIE STANDARDS THAT REQUIRE SO MANY UNITS OF MATH, SCIENCE, ENGLISH AND HISTORY TO GRADUATE- THEY DO NOT TELL SCHOOLS WHAT TO TEACH AND HOW TO TEACH AND PROVIDE THE TESTS!!!

If you read the Common Core you can easily see that their intent is social emotional. Collaborative teaching is not for best practices in learning. We know that the best way to TEACH children is direct instruction where the teacher teaches, the kind of teaching that built this wonderful country and taught the students that invented the combustion engine, the sky scraper, the light bulb, central heat and sent us to the moon.Today the KIPP Academies across the nation use direct instruction and are acclaimed by all sides of the debate as having the best academic achievement. Collaborative teaching is consensus teaching- teaching children to work together rather than have their own mind and their own work.Open classrooms are for having the kids all together - we're all in it together socialist thought.Schools today are replete with bully programs, buddy programs, community service and connection activities of all kinds. This is not for best teaching practices- many of these activities actually take students away from academics. As the Socialists have taken the schools from the early nineties our academic achievement has plummeted.

Let's get positive again in America and believe in ourselves and our families. Let's tell these negative Socialists that think America is bad that we are good and wonderful. We don't need their Orwellian control. We can raise our own kids and are very happy with the freedom our forefathers gave us in our constitution. These Socialists are not all wise and do not know what the perfect person is, nor can they produce one. They have wrought havoc on our nation and our schools. IT'S TIME TO SEND THESE SOCIALISTS THAT DO NOT BELIEVE IN OUR COUNTRY PACKING.PETITION YOUR LEGISLATORS TO NOT FUND COMMON CORE. PETITION YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL TO STOP THE ILLEGAL MANDATING OF COMMON CORE BY YOUR STATE BOARDS OF EDUCATION. FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM AMERICA!!! "RESUME YOUR COURAGE AND DISMISS DESPAIR" VIRGIL 19B.C.

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