Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The political left does not like facts- in fact they make fun of teaching students facts. When I taught I worked very hard to teach students facts- my students learned where the fifty states were and what the capitals of all those states were. They learned the names of the Great Lakes and where they were located. They learned the location and names of the major river systems and mountain chains. All FACTS that my liberal "mentors" did not think it was necessary to teach. What does the liberal left want taught? They want open ended questions that have more than one right answer. They want to teach children how to "think" according to them. They use the words "higher level" thinking skills and "critical thinking".

What is thinking? I might think like you on some things and differently on others. I base my thoughts on FACTS.You base your thinking on FACTS. We may discuss the FACTS. In the end FACTS are what is important. Why doesn't the liberal left want students to spend time in school learning FACTS?Why do they make fun of those "fill in the bubble" tests where you either know the FACTS or you don't? Why are forty percent of Common Core tests open ended questions?Could it be that these people are not satisfied with students learning FACTS and want to direct how they think? It would appear that way.If you just teach small children that plants are in seeds and with water and nourishment and sunshine they will grow into plants that have chlorophyll you would not have the opportunity to propagandize them to your way of thinking about animal rights or conservation. You would not get to direct thinking- just information.

Recently they held the Pedro Pan 50 year anniversary in Helena. These students were taken out of Communist Indoctrination in Cuba. They came to America so that school could once again become about FACTS and not indoctrination.Today the liberal left is turning OUR AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS into indoctrination camps. They are training small children how to think- and even to advocate for social causes.In an Essentials reading series in Utah children will be taught to be social advocates by being taught to use emotional words. They will be taught to say "I need" instead of "I want". They will be taught not to state the facts but to manipulate people. To use language to get what they want- not to tell the truth and clearly state the FACTS.

I'm sure the people writing these Common Core curriculums believe they are doing what is right and just. Every dictatorship takes over schools to teach their people what is right. They believe they know what is best and must direct their people. That's not what we believe in America. We are free individuals. Children's values will be taught at home by their parents. No school has the right to decide what all of us should believe.Common Core is not teaching higher level thinking by having six year olds discuss their opinions. Six year olds don't have enough information- FACTS- or the adult reasoning capability to know what their opinions are. These students are being directed- their thoughts are being directed. This is indoctrination. No one in public schools has the right to teach anyone's child anything but facts.

You may believe passionately in your opinions about social justice or climate change or conservation or animal rights- you may believe so passionately that you think these are FACTS. I assure you they are not FACTS and if they were you would not have to go to stretches of "higher level thinking skills" to get to them. As parents, grandparents and citizens we must demand that our schools stick to teaching FACTS.Our children are not going to school to become advocates for anything. They are going to school to learn to read and write and calculate and to learn some basic FACTS about their country and the natural world around them. The first step in saving the free America is to stop the schools from being indoctrination centers. Where will AMERICA'S Pedro Pan students go to learn so that THEY won't have to be indoctrinated? Our children have the RIGHT to LEARN without being indoctrinated. FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES. FIGHT FOR A FREE AMERICA WHERE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE ABOUT LEARNING FACTS AND ARE NOT INDOCTRINATION CENTERS FOR AGENDAS. THANK YOU.

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  1. My son volunteered to participate as a teacher in his local YMCA's "Y Reader" program co-op with the local school district, first through third grades. Cost $1300 per kid, no charge to the families, only "disadvantaged" kids allowed to apply (those who get free school meals.) The kids whose parents pay for their meals and have reading problems are supposed to hire their own tutors or just go pound sand, I guess. They justified this by saying that after third grade the "disadvantaged" kids are already two years behind the other kids.

    Anyway, part of his training tells him to "not make too many corrections with a student's reading and writing." The example given was: "If your third grade student spells the word "pizza" as P E E Z U, do not correct him. This is acceptable to us and we don't want to damage his self-esteem."

    We were astounded (I sat in on the session because I drove my son, who is totally blind, to the Y - we think it's better that he not drive, although maybe that damages his self-esteem).

    Wouldn't the "disadvantaged" kids do a lot better if they got some FACTS and some CORRECTIONS when they make a mistake? I think the main difference between them and the "advantaged" kids is the ones whose parents provide their meals are in families who care more about the kid's future than his self-esteem.

    My daughter will home-school her twins, providing their meals, delivering facts, and correcting mistakes, while paying taxes for the privilege of not using the schools.