Thursday, 13 June 2013


Just one honest American, that's what it will take to save this country. I was watching the hearings on the Internal Revenue Service targeting of Americans and I thought " If just one honest American would stand up and tell the truth- one honest American with integrity that wanted the world to know the truth in spite of what the costs to him/her personally would be-we could get to the truth." Who told these people in Cincinnati to target conservative Americans?Telling the truth may cost them their job. I later learned that there are people who are going to tell the truth.There are people who are willing to tell the truth on Benghazi. Even in darkest Russia or over the Barbed wire fences into North Korea- pamphlets have been dropped to try to get the truth to people- today we have the internet. Knowing the truth may not change things immediately, but it will change things eventually. EVENTUALLY the people who listen to all of Obama's supposedly "wonderful" speeches will have to face the truth within themselves- the man is a liar. They will have to ask themselves"Has my health insurance gone down $2,500.00 a year?", "Has the president been truthful and transparent about Benghazi?", "Has the Obama administration been truthful and transparent with how they were using the Internal Revenue Service or the Justice Department to investigate reporters?", "Is this actually the most transparent and honest administration?", "Has Gitmo been closed?","Has no one with an income under $250,000.00 had their taxes raised?". EVENTUALLY the truth will win out.

Schools have the same problems as the society in general. No one wants to speak out and lose their job. They are all told to "Take one for the team". Be a team player, support your team. If you speak out you are labeled as a severe morale problem, you're not a "team player". One honest American, that's what we need. Who will stand up? Who will speak? Cross Dressing Day is about breaking down gender identity- it is not "dress up" or learning to have empathy.Bully programs were lobbied for by the Human Rights Network and Gay Pride. They are not just programs to make kids be nicer to each other. They are programs that monitor body language, facial expression,and speech.These programs deny an individual's right to associate with whom they choose. Schools have always had programs to monitor behavior and punish violators- the Bully program is something new and it is invasive and intrusive to school life.Common Core is NOT JUST STANDARDS- Common Core is an intrusive and invasive bad curriculum that is taking away what academic freedom was left in the classroom. Who will speak out? Teacher's that will support the program are given a podium- but who will say the truth?

I think of the young man who stood in front of the tank when the Chinese revolted against communism. I will never forget that picture. If America is to save itself we all must be that person- ONE HONEST AMERICAN THAT IS WILLING TO SACRIFICE ALL TO SAVE AMERICA.

Is Edward Snowden ONE HONEST AMERICAN? I think he is. The more the press demonizes him the more I think yes- he told the truth. One NSA expert was decrying what Edward Snowden did and then said "I'm glad we're having this debate".Well, we wouldn't be having this debate if Edward Snowden hadn't spoken out.America must fight back with honesty- each of us has the potential to be that "ONE HONEST AMERICAN". DOWN WITH THE TRAITORS- SAVE THE UNION!!!

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  1. Barbara, how do you do it?

    You have LAZER VISION. You have a way of boiling every issue down to its essence. Truth. Facts. Honesty.

    You are the ONE HONEST AMERICAN. God Bless ya.