Thursday, 6 June 2013


Sometimes our students make it out of school with good character DESPITE the best attempts of our public schools to teach them they are victims who need government guidance and dependency and that they are not REALLY sure whether they are a boy or a girl ( witness cross dressing day at one school in Wisconsin). These attempts to change values and attitudes at school have finally made it into the mainstream press, witness Charles Krauthammer pointing out that free food at school raises expectations of dependency- expectations that will not be realized when the students graduate- the government can not possibly feed and house and healthcare everyone. In the real world these students who have been taught this "connectedness" and victimhood status will simply fail as human beings and have very unhappy lives eventually, unless they realize the error of their ways and the false expectations they were left with from school. Unless they learn to be a rugged individual that takes PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

But as I mentioned above- many wonderful children still survive with their AMERICAN CHARACTER intact inspite of the best efforts of socialists in school. I would like to brag about one of these wonderful students who is graduating this year. I had the honor of having her in third grade. This young lady is blessed with real intellectual talents. We have our PEAK program here in Helena that identifies a quota of "Gifted and Talented" every year- but most of these students are not truly geniuses. As a teacher you see VERY FEW really intellectually gifted students- Gabby was the only one I had in my classes in all the years I taught. She read at a ninth grade level in third grade and remembered EVERYTHING I said or taught.So God gave her the gift- but she and her parents made the person.

When her parents asked her what she wanted to do- or where she wanted to go to college- she said she wanted to go to West Point. So- being the parents they were they investigated and researched for her. The family soon received the video that told about how hard West Point was going to be. Well- her parents asked- "Are you sure this is what you really want to do?" And here is what Gabby said, " I don't want to waste my time going to college just to party and have fun. I want to do something to help my country". This is why America WILL survive in spite of all the socialist destruction. Gabby DID get that appointment to West Point. I hear she is good with foreign languages- wow-what a blessing for this country.

Gabby was interviewed by our local paper because she was a valedictorian. They asked her the usual questions- but one in particular really caught my attention. The reporter asked her about her school activities and she said she was a swimmer. Here is what she said " I like swimming because it's an individual sport- but the better I do as an individual the more it helps the team." YES!! That's it!! That's what the socialist destroyers can not and will not recognize - INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT RAISES ALL BOATS!! When Andrew Carnegie came to Pittsburg it was a very poor farming area- scratch gravel living. He built steel plants- he made a lot of money- some of his workers became millionaires- some made six figure salaries- some just made a good living to support their family. Restaurants and stores and barber shops began to appear as people spent their salaries. Pittsburg became a large and thriving city. This scenario happened all across America with other industrialists and today people fight to get to America and to stay here. Andrew Carnegie built libraries and Carnegie Hall in New York. You can find negative in anything - you can deny the truth- but America IS a great and successful nation. America IS a great and successful nation and it was built by the spirit, the ingenuity, and the hard work of INDIVIDUALS.

Students like Gabby will share their INDIVIDUAL GOD GIVEN TALENTS and make America a better place- in spite of socialist attempts to drag them down. Columbus was a brave explorer that discovered a continent to the western world. He was an adventurer with a dream and he didn't give up. He was not a good for nothing racist murderer. Actually - today our native peoples drive in cars with combustion engines and have indoor plumbing and central heat because of the development of the American continent.The industrialists actually WERE NOT just a bunch of greedy polluters, they were people with great talents that made the world better for all of us.America continues to achieve in technology and medicine and many other things. Great individuals with great God given talents continue to make this a great country-OUR JOB IS TO STOP THE NAYSAYERS AT EVERY CORNER- READ SOCIALISTS- AND LET AMERICA THRIVE!!I may not have had so many "Gifted and Talented" but I never had a student that I didn't believe was really SOMEBODY. Every person has God given talents and it's America's job to let freedom ring and let individuals believe in THEMSELVES- IN THEIR ABILITIES- not the all intrusive overbearing government!! Stop the government overreach and let freedom thrive!!

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  1. Speaking of graduation, why do all graduation speakers (especially at universities) think the reason they are at commencement is to aggrandize THEMSELVES? The few good speakers talk to the graduates, about them and their futures. But so many these days get up to microphone and all that comes out is me, me, me, me, me.

    I think maybe it reflects on the condition of higher education these days. These people are chosen by the leadership of the universities, and the lack of character by the speakers reveals much about the schools.