Thursday, 27 June 2013


When many of us grew up there were roles and rules. Women had a place in society and so did men. Men were stronger than women and women looked to men to protect them and their children. Women had the children and were expected to nurture them. Families were a mom and a dad and children. Children were taught moral rules by their parents.There were rules about proper dress and language, rules for polite company and what was discussed there, rules about honesty and fairness. There was right and wrong and good and bad and "never the twain shall meet". The hippies didn't like having rules- why couldn't they have sex with whom they chose without the benefit of marriage? Why did they have to have any modesty at all? Why not just have sex in public? Why should they have to work? Why not just get your girlfriend pregnant and then travel around? I remember one young hippie couple who hitch hiked to Mexico with their little baby girl and she got sick and died. Hippies didn't like roles and rules.

I remember going to college during these days. I remember the books we were given like John Kenneth Galbraith's THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY and Charles Reich's THE GREENING OF AMERICA and Ferdinand Lundberg's THE RICH AND THE SUPER RICH. All these books attempted to convince me that I was a victim of the "super rich" and I needed "fairness". I was very young at the time and it's a wonder I left college with any mind at all after reading all this trash. I kept those books for many years, then one day I really realized what trash they were and I threw them all out. Thank goodness I never listened to that message. I took care of myself and my family and never looked at what the rest of society did or thought that somehow the society owed me something. I was taught in school as a child that you take care of yourself. When we had arguments with our friends we used to go around saying "It's a free country isn't it? We knew we were free and we knew we were responsible- roles and rules. My grandmother was a very poor woman who raised nine children through the depression. All nine of those children had careers and families- roles and rules. Without roles and rules our children are lost- ESPECIALLY those children who have to climb the ladder of success alone.

The new "science" of sociology has attempted to change roles and rules- to direct them. Societies and cultures that have survived the test of time for thousands of years are now being challenged by these so called "scientists". They are attempting to use our schools to fill our young children's minds with their supposed "genius". They supposedly know more than Christ and more than parents and more than societies and cultures that have been around for thousands of years.Ted Cruz a senator from Texas spoke at the Hillsdale College Commencement and he said "While other graduates have been exposed to college courses such as 'Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame,' you have been grounded in an understanding of our Constitution and of the freedom it was designed to preserve....In the history of mankind, freedom has been the exception. Governed by kings and queens, human beings were told that power starts at the top and flows down; that their rights emanate from a monarch and may be taken away at the monarch's whim."

Roles and rules come from society- not from monarchs. Our new "Science of Sociology" is trying to become our new monarch and tell us what we must believe. These new monarchs are attempting to change our society by co-opting our children in school. Society will decide for itself what is good and what is bad. Some books are around for thousands of years, such as the AENEID by Virgil that I am reading now- and others quickly reach the trash bin of history.

America, recover your roles and rules, throw out these autocrats who are attempting to control your lives. The new "science of sociology" has caused havoc in your society and will destroy your freedom. Only societies with roles and rules can remain free. You may have your rest or you may have your freedom- you can not have both.People can be great when they are taught to work hard for their self interest and destroyed when they are taught that their self interest is to be a dependent victim. These new "sociologists" are wrong but they are clever- they use psychology to manipulate the message- to make you think they are helping you. Unwed births are skyrocketing and along with it drug use and poverty- our government is in fiscal chaos and filled with corruption and ineptitude- is this helping you? America I beg of you- throw out these wannabe dictators and bring back America to its former glory- ROLES AND RULES.

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