Thursday, 31 October 2013


The United States Constitution was written to give YOU control over your government- put another way - to stop the Federal government from assuming too much power. Socialists don't understand this, and don't like our constitution. They are comfortable with the government controlling almost all aspects of our lives. They don't have faith in people being able to take care of themselves- they think we all NEED the Federal Government or we would starve to death or not be able to raise and educate our children or not have health care and so on.

Do you want your public school to now take over your child's pre K life? The federal government program Head Start has a stated goal of taking control over your children from the WOMB! Is that O.K. with you? Where does the Federal government bow out and the family, individual and local government take over?

Our government has a separation of powers to stop dictatorial control- decisions are checked and balanced between the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government. But that is not the only way that freedom is maintained. Freedom is maintained by local governments maintaining their own control. School districts providing education as they see fit with state oversight is one way of maintaining freedom. As mentioned on this blog many times- unfortunately our local school districts and state departments of education are now nothing more than puppets which are controlled by Washington D.C. Do you think the bureaucrats in Washington are so much smarter than you and your husband/wife that they SHOULD determine what your children SHOULD be taught and HOW they should be taught? Are they so much smarter than your local school board or school superintendents or teachers? Are they so smart that they should run your city and state too? Are you really so incompetent that you can't provide food, daycare,education, safety, or healthcare without Federal Government involvement?

For two hundred years American Citizens took care of themselves and their families, now they are told they just can't do it without Federal Government control. I know they are wrong and you do to. Get the
Federal Government power mongers out of our lives and homes. One nut case that believes in the "village" idea of Hillary Clinton is sending out letters to trick or treaters tonight warning their parents about the danger of candy! Control freaks everywhere buy into this Federal Government attitude that is being taught- you need their help and advice.

Obama Care is a complete nightmare, destroying the best healthcare in the world. Common Core is no better - with no research or trials it is imploding everywhere and as the president of the union said "may be the end of public education". The twelve people in the Federal Reserve working their "magic" are going to cause us all great destruction and pain. The do gooders have brought our Federal Debt to astronomical proportions. Let's just try to say it one more time- YOU can provide for your children, YOU can choose your healthcare for yourself  from free markets, YOU can decide on the best education for your children, and your local school boards and the educators you hire can provide good
 education. YOU can feed and clothe your children and find daycare for them and decide how to raise them - ALL WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

THE PEOPLE- can run schools and hospitals and cities WITHOUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. For two hundred years we ate and lived and learned and raised our children and decided our values without the Federal Government directing us. The people alive today are not so different from those of the past, they are just being made to believe they NEED these worthless bureaucrats in Washington D.C. TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK AMERICA- TAKE BACK CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN LIVES- SEND THE FEDS AND ALL THEIR FEDERAL GRANTS PACKING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.WHEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS GAINED ALL THE CONTROL,  THEY WILL  CONTROL YOU WITHOUT THE MONEY. THEY WILL HAVE DESTROYED THE ECONOMY AS IN THE SOVIET BLOC.  YOU WILL HAVE LOST ANY POWER TO FIGHT BACK.


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  1. To gain the power described in your terrific essay, the elite left LIES AND LIES AND LIES. They get away with it because honesty is no longer valued in our society (note the run on WalMart when the EBT card limits failed!)

    These are scary times, Education Lady.

    Tom Balek - Rockin' On the Right Side