Thursday, 3 October 2013


If someone came up to you with a product that was completely untested and claimed that it would prepare your children for the 21st century and that they would be college and career ready if they used it ,would you buy it without asking any questions? Would you be willing to throw out all your tried and tested products and replace them with the new product even if you knew you had to sign a contract promising not to make any changes to the new product no matter what? I'll bet you would have some questions and would be leery of making whole sale replacements with things you had no power to change. Well, guess what? Mike Huckabee thinks you're SHORT SIGHTED!! Yes, it's not the Common Core hucksters and frauds that are shortsighted, it is you. I like Mike and agree with him on many things, but come on Mike, think a little. What do you really know about education or the program at issue here? Maybe you should get some information before you call those people trying to save America "SHORT SIGHTED".

Isn't it just alarming that the left can come up with just any sort of nonsense and get credit for being progressive? How many fads have your seen come and go in your life time? The very people that are burning our forests down and trying to stop the fracking that will give us energy independence get credit for being "progressive". What are the rest of us that want tried and tested good education for our students that we have control over? Are we all SHORT SIGHTED?

Just maybe, people that make stupid comments and don't know the facts are the people who are SHORT SIGHTED. I taught for thirty years and I tried all the project learning. It doesn't work. Kids spend a lot of time on a limited amount of information and there is no real way to know who learned anything from the experience. This country was built on direct instruction- including the astronauts who sent us to the moon and brought home Apollo Thirteen. Higher level thinking skills always sounds good - but any fool knows you need to have some information first- and young students need an ocean of foundational information before they can even begin to read and write effectively. Wake up Mike- I think you are being dangerously SHORT SIGHTED here.

The "progressives" have brought us fiscal disaster and cultural implode, how in the world can you expect that what they're now making billions of dollars on, without any trials or tests to prove it works, will improve our schools? Let's start looking at what will really help our students learn the best and the things that will really make this country great. We know direct instruction works. We know we need better teacher training- like making teachers experts at their grade level. We know free market capitalism works and preparing students to be responsible hard workers will give them the opportunities that free markets and freedom itself offers. We know states can do their own education as they always have. We know we're doing better than Russia, France, Singapore- pick a country- we hardly need to look to these countries to tell us how to educate our children.

Save America and save our schools by giving the progressive traitors the boot. We will not do better in our schools until we really want hard working individuals to strengthen our free market capitalist system. When we really want our children to find success in our free markets we will prepare them for that.

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