Thursday, 17 October 2013


"NOTHING HAS CHANGED" is the new mantra of the quisling teachers speaking about the new Common Core National Curriculum from the Federal Government. The last time I heard "NOTHING HAS CHANGED" was when the Nazis were marching into Austria "NOTHING IN AUSTRIA HAS CHANGED"- yeah right- the Austrian government was gone and the Germans had taken over the country but the mantra was "NOTHING IN AUSTRIA HAS CHANGED". They had quislings in  Austria too, people who were happy to give up their whole country just to go along with the people who they saw as the winners so they could be winners too. These people have no convictions, integrity, backbone or loyalties, that is why they are called quislings. You get accolades and good jobs and pay raises and an easy road when you just go along. You don't have to face conflict. Just put on the blinders and your life is easy.

At the recent school board meeting in Townsend , Montana, the quislings were out in force saying"NOTHING HAS CHANGED"," They don't even notice Common Core." REALLY? Why are we spending BILLIONS of dollars nationwide if NOTHING HAS CHANGED? Obama is trying to force you to pay 40 cents a month more for your cell phone. He wants the Public Service Commission to add this fee to your phone bill to pay for "technology in the schools". This is Common Core folks- the public schools don't have the infrastructure and computers to put the kids through all the computerized Common Core testing- he has to get the money somewhere. Just imagine- all this money for NOTHING according to these teachers.

You know, not all the teachers are quislings. Teachers are standing up against Common Core across this country. Twelve hundred teachers have organized in Florida to fight. Nine hundred teachers in New York got on line to blast the Common Core testing when it imploded and destroyed their children, making them cry and many other things from great stress. Most teachers do want the best education for their children and they are not in favor of Common Core. Most teachers are afraid to speak out. Since the Federal Government took over the schools in the early nineties even the "Teacher of The Year" has been politicized. Only teachers who would go along with ANYTHING- otherwise known as QUISLINGS- could become teacher of the year. The union manages the nominations and the votes- if you are a trouble maker you won't be one of the chosen. The school districts drag out these quislings every time there's a kick about what they are doing- they count on their QUISLINGS.

Schools changing policy to allow just about anybody to get into student records without the notification and consent of their parents is not" NOTHING." Nosy bureaucrats managing your children is not "NOTHING". A program that MAKES TESTS and evaluates your children and their teachers and CAN NOT BE CHANGED is not" NOTHING". This is a huge power grab by the Federal Government. The American people and their families should not be researched and managed by anybody. The American people have the right to their privacy and to their schools.

American children have the right to good schools that do not try to manage their lives and their minds with agendas that put them under stress. Do not listen to the quislings that are trying to manage YOU- SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. Get the feds out of your schools. Teaching is not rocket science. The leftists and all their ridiculous teaching strategies have shown over and over again that they have no idea what they are talking about. Tried and true ideas that do work and do teach should be used and built on to. Good change comes incrementally and locally. Keep what works and build on it. Get political agendas out of school. SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND OUR COUNTRY BY SAVING OUR SCHOOLS- SOMETHING HAS CHANGED AND WE NEED TO REVERSE IT.

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